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  1. Back to the Old House
    by Sawmill
  2. The Fields of Ard Skellig
    by Malukah
  3. May It Be
    by Malukah
  4. Look Up - EP
    by The Altogether
  5. Clean Slated State
    by The Altogether
  6. When We Were Kids - EP
    by The Altogether
  7. Slowly (feat. Karen Han)
    by The Altogether
  8. Silo
    by The Altogether
  9. shower
    by glaciære
  10. Atlantis Awakening
    by Jillian Aversa
    Aletheia Aletheia
    Bought this on another platform but needed it here too. It's that good. Unmatched, unearthly quality.
  11. Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Main Theme (Cover)
    by Jillian Aversa
  12. Game of Thrones - Main Theme (Cover)
    by Jillian Aversa
    Do I like Game of Thrones? Not a chance. But you can't argue with that theme! Jillian's cover is top of the line, with exquisite harmonies to get lost in.
  13. Origins
    by Jillian Aversa
    Avalon Avalon
    Do you believe in coincidences? Final Fantasy has always been a mysterious series to me, but with the VII remake coming out I figured now was the time to dive in. Separately, the very same week, I also decided it was finally time to brush up on my Aversa collection. Imagine my shock when the last song on this album plays and it's chalk full of Final Fantasy VII themes. I would NEVER have realized this until exactly this week. Jillian you've done it again.
  14. Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Skyward Sword - Zelda's Lullaby (Cover)
    by Jillian Aversa
    The perfect, shivering note at the end gives me chills! A triumph.
  15. "Because He Lives" Quick Hymn Cover
    by Alecia Renece
  16. Cent pas
    by Claudelle
  17. Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater Theme (Cover)
    by Jillian Aversa
  18. Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Title Theme feat. Erutan (Cover)
    by Jillian Aversa
  19. Final Fantasy VI Opera Aria feat. Tina Guo (Cover)
    by Jillian Aversa
    A soprano that's light and delicate as silk, but with effortless power behind every note.
    Tina's counterpoint is mesmerizing and suits the arrangement so well.
  20. NieR - Song of the Ancients feat. Doug Perry (Cover)
    by Jillian Aversa
    This is the definitive cover version. Nothing else even comes close!