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  1. The Long Road Home
    by Iapetus
    Lachrymae Rerum Lachrymae Rerum
    this record is soulfull and majestic, elegant and daring all while managing to be a technical whirlwind
  2. A Diamond For Disease
    by Arsis
    A Diamond For Disease A Diamond For Disease
    it's like golden age metallica on acid. if this release doesn't earn arsis some street cred, i don't know what it would take. this is epic, dynamic and metal
  3. Mindscraper
    by Blood Freak
    Sleeping In Hell Sleeping In Hell
    blood freak are a really fun band while still sounding totaslly serious and maintaining a go for the jugular attitude
  4. Red On Chrome
    by Crowpath
    Hellbound Hellbound
  5. Son Of Sulphur
    by Crowpath
    The Will To Burn The Will To Burn
  6. One With Filth
    by Crowpath
    One With Filth One With Filth
  7. Atrophy
    by Baring Teeth
    Atrophy Atrophy
  8. Chapters Of Repugnance
    by Defeated Sanity
    Introitus Introitus
    honestly, just listen to the intro track. if you don't love these guys by the time that is over, you never will. it is brutal and smart....a strong combination indeed
  9. Unleash the Carnivore
    by Devourment
    Fed to the Pigs Fed to the Pigs
    devourment, in my opinion, can do no wrong. the crushing onslaught and disgustingly catchy drum work make them a must hear. get slammed by these texans
  10. Suffocate The Angels
    by Fate Of Icarus
    Preying For Salvation Preying For Salvation
  11. Adveniens
    by Hideous Divinity
    Future in Red Future in Red
    there is something sinister and ominous in the background of every moment on this album. it lacks nothing for creativity. nor does it lack passion
  12. On Strange Loops
    by Mithras
    Inside The Godmind Inside The Godmind
    mithras play by their own rules, which is tough in death metal, and they are always at the top of their game regardless of whether they are playing a crunchy breakdown or a delicate spacey passage
  13. Turbulent Resurgence
    by Noisear
    Pressure Blast Pressure Blast
  14. Cryptic Implosion
    by Odious Mortem
    Fragmented Oblivion Fragmented Oblivion
    the technicality and precision with which these tracks are delivered is almost untopable. they have sinewing paths and intense blasts. their isn't one weak song
  15. Hyper Groove Brutality
    by Vomit Remnants
    Extinction of Worthless Humanity Extinction of Worthless Humanity
    this is a solid record that delivers some intense pockets of groove and crushing vocals among its assortment of nifty surpises and sweet points
  16. Quasineutrality
    by Wormed
    Undeciphering The Inquantificability Undeciphering The Inquantificability
    wormed are so over the top that they somehow rope themselves in. this short release is perfect because it doesn't become too much. get to know these crazy tunes and get to know infinity