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  1. Acid Bleed Ep
    by Stazma The Junglechrist
  2. Ostara
    by Switch Technique & Lucy Furr
  3. PRSPCTXTRM 033 Blody Bones EP by Bryan Fury
    by Bryan Fury
  4. Dinner For 1
    by Somniac One
  5. Goes Noord vs. The Rest of the World IV (Genosha #025)
    by The Outside Agency
    No One No One
  6. Return of the Silence b/w Church of the Silence (Genosha #026)
    by The Outside Agency & Ophidian
  7. Don't Fuck Up The Culture
    by Detest & Miss Enemy
  8. Shadowcuts
    by DJIPE
  9. There's a Simple Solution
    by Sei2ure
  10. Push It To The Limit
    by Igneon System
  11. Filthy Fakkin Bass
    by Penta
  12. Love Is Digital
    by Ophidian
    pure quality :)
  13. Weird! (Entities in space)
    by D'spyre (DJ Ruffneck)
  14. Fingerprintz (original mix)
    by Wedlock vs Nosferatu
  15. Human nature
    by Nosferatu
  16. So many sacrifices
    by Ophidian & Ruffneck
  17. Have it your way
    by Nosferatu
  18. Evolution theory
    by Wedlock (DJ Ruffneck)
  19. The Mine
    by Ophidian & Tapage
  20. Surreal / Chaos Theory (One Seven Five #001)
    by The Outside Agency