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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. POLO YE (KANYE remixes)
    by Cookin Soul
  2. Anthology Beats (2005-2015)
    by Cookin Soul
    by Cookin Soul
  4. Remixes vol. 3
    by Cookin Soul
    by Cookin Soul
  6. TEDDY
    by Cookin Soul
  7. Lost Tapes (Instrumentals)
    by Cookin Soul
  8. Remixes vol. 1
    by Cookin Soul
  9. Jet Life to the Next Life (Instrumentals)
    by Cookin Soul
  10. Date Tape (Instrumentals)
    by Cookin Soul
    by Cookin Soul
  12. Nonstop (Ticklish Reboot)
    by Ticklish
  13. Eau De Club EP
    by Ticklish & Qnoe
  14. Ticklish Reboots Vol. 6
    by Ticklish
  15. Reboots Vol. 4
    by Ticklish
  16. What's Luv?
    by Ticklish & Uki
  17. Kanye West x Denzel Curry 'Sunday Service' (Vandalized Edit)
    by Jarreau Vandal
  18. LOFI PAPI (DRAKE remixes)
    by Cookin Soul
  19. L O N D O N.
    by snctm.
  20. for the ladies.
    by snctm.
  21. side to side.
    by snctm.
  22. saymyname
    by j.robb
  23. Wavy Reworksss, Vol. 3
    by Wavy Bagels
  24. Jaël - Remixes & Club Edits
    by JAEL
  25. Ride Wit It
    by Lowmac
  26. Peg
    by Brian Ellis
  27. Do Your Thing (ft. K-Maxx)
    by Computa Games
  28. Solar Shield
    by Solar Shield
  29. Love Adventure
    by Spence
  30. Cosmica (Austin Boogie Crew Remix)
    by Los Bandidos Cosmicos
  31. Goodies
    by Diamond Ortiz
  32. Reesis
    by Solar Shield
  33. Love Don't Pay The Bills
    by Trailer Limon
  34. Frontin' (w/ K, Le Maestro)
    by DeeDONTCARE
  35. Llorarás (Kansado flip)
    by Kansado
  36. California Love
    by The Traffic
  37. Reboots Vol. 5
    by Ticklish
  38. 4ME (dance mix)
    by LAKIM
  39. me gusta
    by KMB
  40. whendoe - shoppa
    by LAKIM
  41. shawty
    by K, Le Maestro
  42. Paradise Remixes
    by B. BRAVO
  43. Da Linha
    by PEDRO
  44. De Mim, Pra Você
    by Sango
  45. New Era EP
    by Harriet Brown