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  1. Ambient
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  1. Daily Loss
    by Our Transient Lives
  2. Coit Mawr – The Great Wood
    by Bugs aka Julian Hight
  3. Stasis Sounds For Long​-​Distance Space Travel
    by 36 & zakè
  4. Black Soma
    by 36
  5. Music For Isolation
    by 36
  6. Quiet Songs
    by Jessica Curry
  7. Improvisations
    by Jherek Bischoff
  8. Orgelhuset
    by Hymnambulae
  9. CD Bundles
    by CD Bundles
  10. Shub-Niggurath
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  11. Hastur
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  12. Ensemble I
    by Audrey Xinyi
    Until the End Until the End
  13. The Coming of the Martians
    by H. G. Wells
    In The Storm In The Storm
  14. Cistern
    by Jherek Bischoff
    Headless Headless
  15. Yog-Sothoth
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  16. The Architects
    by Randal Collier-Ford
    Construction of a Demon Construction of a Demon
  17. Self Destruction Themes
    by Wordclock
  18. The Old City - OST
    by Atrium Carceri
  19. Helluland
    by Northumbria
  20. Ether One