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  1. Work In Progress Live
    by D.F.A.
    Escher Escher
  2. DO5
    by Mahogany Frog
    T-Tigers & Toasters T-Tigers & Toasters
  3. Legacy
    by Hypnos 69
    Requiem (for a dying Creed) Requiem (for a dying Creed)
  4. When The World Was One
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
    When The World Was One When The World Was One
  5. Sanctuary EP (Remastered)
    by Scarlet Hollow
    Mud Mud
  6. What If Never Was
    by Scarlet Hollow
    The Path The Path
  7. Music For Life
    by The Motet
    Cheap Shit Cheap Shit
    This is just sooo funky.
  8. Music for Imaginary Movies
    by Inqiteka & Berry Weight
    Yeti's Lament Yeti's Lament
  9. 4th
    by D.F.A.
    Baltasaurus Baltasaurus
    I don't have a favourite track on this CD as all the tracks are outstanding.
    A big slice of first class prog. and D.F.A. have done well in finding their own unique style. Not as aggressive as most of the contemporary prog. bands but still powerful in delivery (just listen to the bass lines). Truly one of the best besides Anekdoten & Una Volta Eravomo.
  10. Migration
    by Girls in Airports
    Migration Migration
    I just love nordic jazz. This is a little gem. Sooo beautiful and uplifting. The music is spacious and can breathe.
  11. H luminous
    by Ayurveda
    Serpent & Shaman Serpent & Shaman
    This is another treasure from Ayurveda. It is quite different to their other albums. Each of their albums are unique and the band does not shy away of exploring new musical frontiers.
  12. They were [...] in love
    by Kinski Elevator
    Mellow Kids Mellow Kids
    Dark and quite violent at times but deliciously psychedelic. Fantastic musicians at the top of their musical ability and bold and brave. The drummer is unreal.
  13. The Hollow
    by Scrimshire
    A Promise Is All It Was A Promise Is All It Was
    I love the warm organic feel of this production. No unnecessary overlays of background noise just fantastic tunes that have not been butchered by over production. Still gets a regular spin after one Year in my collection.