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  1. the art of repression
    by Diet Eugene
  2. I'm Not Walking My Cow Anymore
    by Diet Eugene
  3. whats a boy like you doin in a place like this
    by Catherine Charles
  4. unread #234
    by Reid.
    letter g letter g
  5. Pixie Lust
    by Noll Griffin
    Dopamine Life Cult Dopamine Life Cult
    this album is a true classic in my eyes.
  6. self tittied
    by theresa sweetheart
  7. Senioritis
    by arpeggi
    Get A Little Lonely Get A Little Lonely
    by Joe Bartel
  9. another "sorry" e.p.
    by Dandelion Massacre
  10. Your Last Home
    by Noll Griffin
    Partners In Dust Partners In Dust
    I love this album -- the fear of intimacy & the longing for it & the acceptance of it he's able to write about so thoughtfully & honestly. it is such a beautiful album & i love it so very much.
  11. Tuffy Red Sings Into A Tiny Microphone
    by Tuffy Red
    Under The Bus Under The Bus
    Tuffy Red is an amazing songwriter, really creative & thoughtful, and this album is a great showcase of that.
  12. Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes
    by Your Heart Breaks
    Late Night Ride Late Night Ride
    this album will forever be associated with hanging out under bridges, smoking too much, and coming out. it was the soundtrack for autumn 2016-winter.
  13. Temperance
    by Noll Griffin
    Antidote Antidote
    this album carries a hymn-like power to it. it sees the scars left behind by religious trauma, and loves them. this album is a serene masterpiece. i am incredibly grateful for Noll's songwriting.
  14. A Gay Lizard With a Parasol
    by Cotton Candy Love Cloud
    The Gay Reptilian Agenda The Gay Reptilian Agenda
    Gay Bob Dylan
  15. split w/ alyssa kai
    by Foster Carrots
    ghost party ghost party
  16. The Space Between The Stars
    by Babyalligator
    Colourblind Painter Colourblind Painter
  17. Hercule
    by 4th Curtis
    Male Model Male Model
    this got me through the month of September
  18. I'm Not From Here
    by Babyalligator
    I Won't Be Waiting Anymore I Won't Be Waiting Anymore
  19. Bears
    by Bears
    How to Live How to Live
    this has been one of my favorite albums since 2009! (just buying it now in 2015:))
  20. Bake Sale Hotties
    by The Bombshells