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  2. Electronic
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  1. The 6th Element
    by Tromo
    by WAIRUA
    Amazing! Deep Psychedelic athmospheres supported by a solid baselines conjugate into mysterious conjurings of mystical prortions.
  3. Early Works
    by Sun In Aquarius
  4. Last Time LP
    by Woulg
  5. Versus
    by Carl Craig
    Amazing cinematic athmospheres mixed with classical instruments as narrative elements give this album a full on voyage experience through sounds and imagery of an underground world that thrives through technology and intricate composition. A re interpretation of Classical music and Techno. Innovative yet familiar. beatyfull
  6. The Eclectic Benevolence
    by Tetrameth
  7. UAAU
    by Bunai Carus
  8. The Glory and the Blind (Soundtrack)
    by Bunai Carus
  9. Threestates
    by Bunai Carus
  10. Veil
    by Bunai Carus
  11. EP2
    by Bunai Carus
  12. EP1
    by Bunai Carus
  13. Indigo
    by Bunai Carus
  14. [OS_002] Ayy
    by krakaur
  15. Gomeisa (compiled by Freakmode) 2TO6CD020
    by 2TO6 Records
  16. Rainy Grove
    by DopeDeer Records
  17. VA - Sonic Quagmire
    by Sonic Chakras Records
  18. Aegolius - Moments Of Wonder
    by Medulla Oblongata
  19. Theatre Of Freaks II - V.A.
    by Funky Freaks Records
    by Visionary Shamanics