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Vladyslav Tsarenko

  1. Prague, Czech Republic
  2. Rock
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  1. It All Starts From Pieces
    by Distant Dream
    Sleeping Waves (feat. Dhalif Ali) Sleeping Waves (feat. Dhalif Ali)
  2. Nuit Noire
    by Lost In Kiev
    Insomnia Insomnia
    This album is a masterpiece. It delivers the concept from first sound to last. It tells the stories, it inspires. And I really like the sound, especially synths. You guys made a great job. Hope to play on the same stage with you somewhen.
    Vlad of Diary Of My Misanthropy
  3. Blackbound
    by Second To Sun
    Vasilisa Vasilisa
  4. The First Chapter
    by Second To Sun
    Red Snow Red Snow
  5. Roaming In Teesdale
    by Black Hill & Cousin Silas
    Black Hill - Grassland blues Black Hill - Grassland blues
  6. Constellations I.
    by musicformessier
    Ursa Major Ursa Major
  7. Fall of Oceans
    by Silent Island
    Distant land Distant land
  8. Re-quator
    by Silent Island
    Trinidad Trinidad
  9. Equator
    by Silent Island
    Harbour Harbour
  10. Legion: The Rise
    by The Contradiction
    Welcome to Tizca, the City of Light Welcome to Tizca, the City of Light
    This album is a high-quality product, that perfectly combines an interesting, well-composed music and a good concept, which is very different from most other bands. If you know Warhammer 40k universe, you will probably feel it here. If you don't, you will appreciate an awesome groove metal mixed with oriental music. Welcome to Tizca is my personal favourite. Don't forget, by buying the album you will inspire the guys to make some new cool tracks!
  11. Labyrinth
    by whitecube
    Escape I. Escape I.
  12. Lost rivers (mini EP)
    by Black Hill
    Salmon Salmon
  13. Timelessness
    by musicformessier & Dan Caine
    Aeon Aeon
  14. Erudite Stoner
    by Erudite Stoner
    Waiting for the storm Waiting for the storm
  15. What could possibly go wrong
    by Robo
    What could possibly go wrong What could possibly go wrong
    It's a beautiful music. If you like any kind of atmospheric instrumental stuff, you will enjoy it. You should definitely check them out!