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  1. IRIS
    by reb fountain
    by Ebony Lamb, Slow Time Records
    This is the standout track on the album. The combo of lazy beats and dream moves wins. The video is fabulous too.
  3. Spark
    by Violents and Monica Martin
    Voice is amazing.
  4. Waiting Room
    by Phoebe Bridgers
  5. Out of My Province
    by Nadia Reid
    Oh Canada Oh Canada
    The fave song title has to be a pun on the Canadian national anthem and yes I'm late to this party :) Liked the light touch to the extra strings and horns. Just enough to add colour and swing.
  6. the record
    by boygenius
    True Blue True Blue
    So many great tracks but feels like this is a key song. Love that everyone has a different fave though.
  7. Knucklebones
    by Strawpeople
    the Sleepwalker the Sleepwalker
    So far (partial release so far) its this track for the sax stylings.
  8. The Best of
    by luke hurley
    Speak and Run Speak and Run
  9. Sweetheart
    by SJD
    i just can't wait i just can't wait
    This album is full of gems. So hard to pick just one song as they are all great. A pocketful of change was my first pick. Songs are understated but tone perfect. Like some kind of musical seen by different characters. Imagine a more erudite bat out of hell where SJ sings most of the characters or FOTC in the style of abba LOL. And loving that oboe and all the musical guests.
  10. Woke Up
    by luke hurley
    An old song but new recording.
  11. First and Last Hotel
    by suzannah espie
    I Don't Know if You're the One I Don't Know if You're the One
    Love the arrangements on this album. Especially on this song.
  12. The Ascension
    by Sufjan Stevens
  13. The Trials & Tribulations of Adam & His Seed
    by Luke Thompson
    Look Out Your Window, Babe Look Out Your Window, Babe
    Something about the piano / harmonies combo and changes is very delightful. This song leaps up and says hello.
  14. Lock Me Up
    by Miller Yule
    This song has hooks to die for. Manages to sound rough and ready but tone wise it hits all the spots. A huge sound. Deserves to be heard loud.
  15. Luke Hurley Live
    by luke hurley
    Make Room Live Make Room Live
    A live set that has all the best songs. Getting a clean live sound like this is a great credit to the engineer and producer who have done great on this concert mix.
  16. Live from the Documentary "Who Is Lydia Loveless?"
    by Lydia Loveless
    More Like Them (Live) More Like Them (Live)
  17. All The Little Lights
    by Passenger
    Let Her Go Let Her Go
  18. Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram - Demo
    by Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram
    Funk/Soul Fusion Funk/Soul Fusion
  19. Exit Strategy of the Soul
    by Ron Sexsmith
    This Is How I Know This Is How I Know
  20. Sky Blue
    by Townes Van Zandt
    All I Need All I Need
    I came to TVZ via Cowboy Junkies version of one of his songs. This time capsule from 1973 seems timeless and almost mesmerizing in a good way.