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Jason Kemp

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  1. Luke Hurley Live
    by luke hurley
  2. Live from the Documentary "Who Is Lydia Loveless?"
    by Lydia Loveless
  3. All The Little Lights
    by Passenger
  4. Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram - Demo
    by Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram
  5. Exit Strategy of the Soul
    by Ron Sexsmith
  6. Sky Blue
    by Townes Van Zandt
    All I Need All I Need
    I came to TVZ via Cowboy Junkies version of one of his songs. This time capsule from 1973 seems timeless and almost mesmerizing in a good way.
  7. Happy Isles
    by luke hurley
    Hamilton Dome Hamilton Dome
    Love the blues line at the beginning of Hamilton Dome. Also the title track is a killer - hard to pick.
  8. Astronomy
    by Miriam Clancy
    Coloured Lights Coloured Lights
    Miriam is a force of nature. Live she makes that Strat sing. This album has more of a drum machine thing going on with echoes of English power pop.
  9. Goodnight (Go Home)
    by Craig Cardiff
    God Said No (Dan Bern) God Said No (Dan Bern)
    This song is epic. And this version to me seems better than the original although it has a part 2 that makes no sense.
  10. You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful v2
    by Candy Says
    Ghost Ghost
    What if Cocteau Twins came back they might sound something like this kind of dream pop vibe
  11. Designer
    by Aldous Harding
    Fave track is "Zoo Eyes" which is next level Basil Brush style cleverness. Never quite sure if the song is about anything other than the sounds of the words or an excuse to mix some metaphors but I like it anyway.
  12. Future Me Hates Me
    by The Beths
    You Wouldn't Like Me You Wouldn't Like Me
    Influences everywhere but much more than the sum of its parts. The sound of the summer is here
  13. Love Will Find A Way (EP)
    by Lydia Cole
  14. Me & Moon
    by Lydia Cole
    Running On My Own Running On My Own
    Seemingly effortless gems everywhere.
  15. Sober
    by Lydia Cole
    Sober is showstopper. It seems perfectly formed - challenging but fair.
  16. The Lay of the Land
    by Lydia Cole
    The Fool That I Am The Fool That I Am
    Tone perfect. Poetry with a soundtrack. Less is more but none of this is cliched. Like a conversation you should have but probably won't - like a gentle poke in the ribs - what about it?
  17. Byen
    by Bjørn Torske
    Fanfatas Fanfatas
    At the intersection of multiple genres. Just when you this is background something sonic moves up and over
  18. Aldous Harding
    by Aldous Harding
    Merriweather Merriweather
    Merriweather stopped me in my tracks the first time and still does. It has the power to transport to another time and space.
  19. Diamonds
    by Miller Yule
  20. Shoot Me In The Heart
    by Miller