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  1. Beyond the Outer Loop
    by Ochre
    Anaphora Anaphora
  2. [AF008] Kettel 'Alacasa EP' [2017]
    by Analogical Force
  3. Wingtip
    by Kettel
    Poblesec Poblesec
  4. [AF007] Brainwaltzera 'Outdives EP' [2017]
    by Analogical Force
    FX mod DAISY CHAIN 5o [ext.4perv] FX mod DAISY CHAIN 5o [ext.4perv]
    Brilliance. I won't make the obvious comparison, I feel it's unnecessary. All I can say is, I pre-ordered, and the moment I realised it'd been released I listened through it 3 times, enjoyed it greatly, and felt compelled to write this.

    Braindance made incredibly well
    (though quite why this chap thinks an already great thing needs to be made great again is beyond me. It's forgivable though, I suppose, this is pretty damned good.)
  5. Orbit
    by Shinra
    Orbit Orbit
  6. Adapta 2
    by adapta
    Untitled Untitled
  7. Distant Dream
    by Sun
    Distant Dream Distant Dream
  8. R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D
    by Rognvald
    R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D
  9. For Nothing EP
    by Ulrich Schnauss
    01 Ulrich Schnauss_No Further Ahead Than Today (2017 Edit) 01 Ulrich Schnauss_No Further Ahead Than Today (2017 Edit)
  10. Bewwip
    by Bewwip
    Snapbass (OR mix) Snapbass (OR mix)
  11. Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic
    by Secede
    Outran Outran
  12. [AF006] Shinra 'Meteor EP' [2017]
    by Analogical Force
    Propeller Propeller
    I will never be able to get enough of Propeller! The rest of the EP is damned skippy, too, but damn it all to hell if that track doesn't rustle parts of me that rarely get rustled in quite such a way. :)
  13. [AF002] Dwaallicht 'Welkin EP' [2016]
    by Analogical Force
    32614 32614
    The kinda quality you can assume from an RWD release - complex melodies, just-enough layering to build into a well crafted mish-mash of impeccable interjoining parts. Recently a friend asked for a list of everything I've been listening to recently - 9/10 of the albums/EPs were by this guy. Absolutely crackin' stuff!
  14. 4 Mixes - 1999-2015
    by Bogdan Raczynski
    Mix 4 Mix 4
    Some dotty, bizarre, twerkable brilliance. These mixes will grow on you like some of the most beautiful wall-climbers you could find, and then they will take over your brain like the most subtle parasitic wasp. A tracklisting would be divine, but in all honesty the mystery is alright!
  15. Vol.1
    by RWD
    Spirit That Dyes Spirit That Dyes
    Some of the funkiest, grooviest IDM I ever did hear. Spirit That Dyes just has a bassline to melt your heart. :)
    by RWD
    1stop 1stop
  17. Locus of Control
    by Lou Breed
    Pretty Binding Contract Pretty Binding Contract
    Having heard Lou Breed on the GRL MTN II compilation (the song 'Dome Weather/Fields of Love', quite frankly an audio adventure), a google search introduced me to 'Love On'.
    Basically; came for 'Love On', a stoner rock masterpiece, stayed for 'Pretty Binding Contract', possibly one of my favourite songs of all time.
    Highly recommended.
  18. Throwing Shade
    by Yimino
    Chalking Up Chalking Up
    I don't know whence this album came from, but I'm glad I stumbled across it.
    Equal parts of everything I love in electronic music, with a dash of a sense of humour. Yimino are grand, no matter how appreciated they are, it'll never be enough.