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  1. Brat Curse
    by Brat Curse
  2. The Fleeting Light of Impermanence
    by The Appleseed Cast
  3. We Blast Last! A Love Letter to the Fabulous Bands of the Pacific Northwest
    by Unlikely Friends
  4. It's the Tips
    by The French Tips
  5. Naked Raygun: The Last of the Demohicans
    by Naked Raygun
  6. Make America Say Merry Christmas Again
    by Anal Trump
  7. If You Wanted To Qualify For Health Insurance, Then Maybe You Shouldn't Have Gotten Raped?
    by Anal Trump
  8. Clarke and the Himselfs and Friends
    by Clarke and the Himselfs and Friends
  9. Overseas
    by Milemarker
  10. The Medicine Is All Gone
    by Caustic Resin
  11. Hibernation
    by Lightsabres
  12. Everything Dies
    by Des Ark
  13. Eradicator
    by Eradicator
  14. Scavenger Cult (all)
    by Brett Netson & Snakes
  15. Let You Go
    by Tape Waves
  16. Foulbrood
    by Two Inch Astronaut
  17. 2.0
    by Parasite Diet
  18. Dreamboats
    by Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid
  19. Sore Subjects
    by Best Practices
  20. Mover
    by Hospital Garden
  21. Pilgrim
    by Red Collar
  22. Eyes Like Knives
    by The Swan King