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  1. Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy
    by Jeff Parker ETA IVtet
  2. Calm When You Passed By: Aotearoa Songs 1927-29
    by Ana Hato and Deane Waretini
  3. Deep Shadow: Musics of Indochina, Indonesia, Thailand & Burma 1920s-50s 78rpm Discs
    by Canary Records
  4. A Better Cure: A Brief History of the Okeh Laughing Record & Its Progeny, 1904-1946
    by Canary Records
  5. My Lord Lives in America: Arab-American Songs in California ca. 1940
    by Braheen Abdo Urban
  6. Very Sweet: Armenian-American Independent Recordings from the Pharos Label ca. 1926-29
    by Canary Records
  7. You Hurt My Feelings: Ottoman Folk Music in NYC, October 1919 - May 1921
    by Mary Steele
  8. Sweet Spring: Armenian Sopranos, 1920s-40s
    by Canary Records
  9. Sure of Surprises: Commercial Recordings of Unaccompanied Captive & Wild Birds from 78rpm Discs, 1913-36 (plus ca. 1949)
    by Canary Records
  10. A Diamond Ring: Armenian-American Independent Releases ca. 1922-26
    by Canary Records
  11. The Dull Hatchet: Late 1940s Lemko Instrumentals in Brooklyn NY
    by Canary Records
  12. Armenian Songs in Constantinople & New York, 1914-26
    by Armenag Shah-Mouradian
  13. The Cleopatra Record
    by Joe Maneri, Udi Hrant, and Friends
  14. If I Were a Nightingale: Turkish & Armenian Language Recordings in NYC, Dec. 1916 - June 1921
    by Canary Records
  15. Warm, Coursing Blood
    by Ian Nagoski
  16. Let's Add Raki to Wine: Women in Istanbul ca. 1931-46
    by Canary Records
  17. The Taste of My Heart: Greek Women Singers ca. 1937-57
    by Canary Records
  18. No News From Tomorrow: Greek and Turkish Speaking Jewish Women in New York, ca. 1942-50
    by Canary Records
  19. 100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55
    by Canary Records
  20. Hata Unacheza: Sub-Saharan Acoustic Guitar & String Music, ca. 1960s
    by Canary Records