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  1. Ode To The Dark
    by Melissa VanFleet
  2. Position Of Power
    by KOBURG
    We Could Be Angels We Could Be Angels
  3. The Quiet Resistance
    by Nemesea
  4. Rise
    by Rising Core
    10.Pain inside 10.Pain inside
  5. The Other Side
    by Dream Map
    Golden Light Golden Light
  6. How to Tame a Heart (Bonus Edition)
    by Ember Sea
    In Temptation In Temptation
  7. On The Road To Babylon
    by Walk In Darkness
    On The Moon Or On Mars On The Moon Or On Mars
  8. Cleopatra
    by Everdawn
    Stranded In Bangalore Stranded In Bangalore
  9. The Light Within
    by Surma
    Like the River Flows Like the River Flows
  10. Essentia
    by Victoria K
    Matrix Matrix
  11. Phoenix
    by Enemy Inside
    Bleeding Out Bleeding Out
  12. Strangers
    by Scardust
    Concrete Cages Concrete Cages
  13. White Flag
    by Nemesea
    Dance in the Fire Dance in the Fire
  14. Crimson
    by Volturian
    Days Before You Died Days Before You Died
  15. Forevermore (2019)
    by Control the Storm
    Chaotic Mind Chaotic Mind
  16. TULIP EP
    by TULIP
    Total Total
  17. Arcane Astral Aeons
    by Sirenia
    Love Like Cyanide Love Like Cyanide
  18. Chapter I - Monarchy
    by Ad Infinitum
    Marching on Versailles Marching on Versailles
  19. Escapalace (Album)
    by MoonSun
    Deep Within Deep Within
  20. Wanderers
    by Visions Of Atlantis
    A Journey to Remember A Journey to Remember