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  2. Metal
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  1. Dance With The Devil
    by Born From Pain
  2. AA125. Archivist - Construct 2xLP/CD
    by Alerta Antifascista Records
  3. My Game Doesn't Have A Name
  4. All Hail Bright Futures
    by And So I Watch You From Afar
  5. Through the Void, Above the Suns
    by Deadly Carnage
  6. Genocide
  7. Genocide
  8. I Have Failed
    by Sinatra
  9. The Devil`s Trade - What Happened To The Little Blind Crow
    by Golden Antenna Records
  10. arbor day
    by Oaked
  11. Dying Hydra [EP]
    by Dying Hydra
  12. Worship Death
    by CRAWL
  13. Rituals (Death Metal)
    by CRAWL (Sweden)
  14. Mourning Cloak
    by Underdark
  15. Demo 2015
    by Unyielding Love
  16. A Thorn, A Blight
    by Dawn Ray'd
  17. Critical.Error
    by The Algorithm
  18. Doppler Effect
    by The Algorithm
  19. Identity
    by The Algorithm
  20. Ascension
    by Amiensus
  21. The Resuscitator EP
    by Monsters Around Us
  22. Live at the BBC
    by Wear Your Wounds
  23. Equal / Opposite
    by Minot
  24. Into Dark Science
    by Phantom Winter
  25. Thanatos
    by Implore
  26. Subjugate
    by Implore
  27. Realigion
    by Nasty
  28. Vengeful Ascension
    by Goatwhore
  29. Wolves and Sheep
  30. nachzehrer
    by SEHER
  31. wode
    by WODE
  32. The Circle
    by Heretoir
  33. Deathbearer - Suffering EP [2016 BBR-011]
    by Backbite Records
  34. Split
    by I Saw Daylight / Deceits
  35. hope attrition
    by WOE
  36. converging sins
    by ULTHA
  37. furnace
    by ANCST
    in stone in stone
  38. Moloch
    by ANCST
  39. Der Weg einer Freiheit
    by Der Weg einer Freiheit
  40. Unstille Bonus
    by Der Weg einer Freiheit