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Dewi Hughes

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  1. Y Mabinogi - The Second Branch
    by Damh the Bard
  2. Snake Pit Poetry
    by Einar Selvik
  3. Futha
    by Heilung
  4. LIFA
    by Heilung
  5. Megafauna Rituals
    by Paleowolf
  6. Rosna
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
    Sztoj pa moru Sztoj pa moru
    The voices blend and flow with beauty. As I listened, I found myself imagining the voices of the singers' ancestors, calling down through the years.
  7. Puste noce
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
  8. Ofnir
    by Heilung
    Hakkerskaldyr Hakkerskaldyr
    I thought I'd heard raw pagan poetry and rhythm before, but this takes it to an entirely different level. The human voice is explored in all its animal glory.
  9. Anaman
    by Cuélebre
  10. Prehistoric Meditations
    by Paleowolf
  11. Teutha - Pagan Earth Folk
    by Teutha
    Crazy Bard Crazy Bard
    This album is fun! A crazy bardic dance. It's paganfolk with character. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. Arise
    by Rastaban
    Arise Arise
    This album adds to Rastaban's stirring collection of tribal pagan-folk. It was going to be tough following up the wild, crazy dances of Aurora, but the band have done a good job.
  13. Portal to Elfland
    by SeeD
    Crazy Pagan Party Song Crazy Pagan Party Song
    This album moves between haunting, fairy-led ballads, to cheeky, childlike songs and on to wild, thumping dances. I already had the CD, but loved it so much I've bought it here as well.
  14. Warrior
    by Anilah
  15. Primordial
    by Paleowolf
    Paleoforest Paleoforest
    Ambient, yes, but ancient and savage too. Beautiful sounds of nature, with dark, pounding drums. I started playing it to doze and dream, but it took me somewhere else entirely. More please!
  16. Oinos
    by Cuélebre
    Fodder for the raven Fodder for the raven
    This is dark and brooding pagan folk, much closer to the mood of Wardruna and more Nordic folk. A earthy kind of sacred.
  17. Sabbat
    by Damh the Bard
  18. Aurora
    by Rastaban
    Beltaine (Live) Beltaine (Live)
    Building on the energy and thumping rhythms of IlianA, this album succeeds in evoking a tribal atmosphere. One of my favourite examples of pagan-folk.
  19. Symbioz
    by IlianA
    A beautiful album, full of foot-stamping rhythms to get you moving, and soaring melodies that are both stirring and tender.