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  1. Symphony Mysterium
    by Nothing Is Real
    The preview track is masterfully done. It has a raw beauty that reminds me of Aidan Baker and Triptykon.
  2. LOST IN SPACE 20th Anniversary Re-release
    by Rollerball
  3. Dinosaurchestra
    by Lemon Demon
  4. Abstract Satan
    by Necrosadist
    Abstract Satan Abstract Satan
    Pummelling and haunting black/death metal! Just the way I like it!
  5. Bottom Text
    by C:/DOS/PUN
    Innate Sense Of Purpose Innate Sense Of Purpose
    Instrumental metal with a sense of fun and imagination. Reminds me somewhat of Vomitron.
  6. Legados do Inframundo
    by Miasthenia
  7. First Act EP
    by The Aberration Doom
  8. Sumatra
    Dust Dust
    Groovy and fun tracks, full of riffs!
  9. Aberrant Silhouette
    by Nigh Ungodly
  10. Coast
    by Mel Stone
    Tired Tired
    Yet more emotional brilliance from Mel Stone. That first track brought tears to my eyes.
  11. The Dark Hours e.p.
    by Mezzotint
    City Of The Numb City Of The Numb
    A superb EP with lovely guitars and haunting vocals.
  12. Solace
    by Mortal Soul
  13. All The Things She Said
    by Lena Scissorhands
  14. Lowlife
    by T E L
  15. Coney
    by Mel Stone
    Passing Passing
    Insightful lyrics that espouse the loneliness of dysphoria.
  16. Self·Covers - Vol. One
    by Mel Stone
  17. Emma
    by Mel Stone
  18. Crush
    by Mel Stone
  19. Clara
    by Mel Stone
  20. Female
    by Mel Stone