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  1. Ritual
    by The Black Dahlia Murder
  2. Collected Heads
    by Gloryhole Guillotine
  3. The IVth Crusade (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Bolt Thrower
  4. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    Waiting Around To Die Waiting Around To Die
    What a EPIC thrasher!!! RIP Riley!!! a must have for any metal fan!!!
  5. Winds of Creation
    by Decapitated
    The Eye of Horus The Eye of Horus
    Finally got this classic death of metal album!!! Amazing power grooves of riffage, vocals are just ridiculous great, with blast beats and thundering double bass drums!!!
  6. Everblack
    by The Black Dahlia Murder
    Every Rope a Noose Every Rope a Noose
    this is the album that I saw this legendary band live, so I brought the album the next day or even at the show and was just blown away!!! just unbelievable great live band Trevor was a beast!!! RIP !!!
  7. Mojave Repressions
    by Keith Merrow
    Gravitational Gravitational
    Just an EPIC display of riffs, brutal blast blasts double kicks with deep gutteral vocals!!! A must have !!!
  8. Reading the Bones
    by Keith Merrow
  9. Demisery - Hive Of Mutation
    by Keith Merrow
    Within the Shadow Within the Shadow
    Just some good olden death metal!! Everything from vocals guitars and drums got that 90's style death metal
    Keith Merrow cant do wrong!!!
  10. Outer Isolation
    by Vektor
    Deterioration Deterioration
    Short n Sweet !!! but worth the investment for sure... Good old fashion Death Metal... they remind me of early Broken Hope... especially the last song some deep and gutteral vocals!!! and love the second song they got this riff just takes me back to 90's Death Metal!!!
  13. Deviant
    by Defacement
  14. World Downfall (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Terrorizer
    Fear of Napalm Fear of Napalm
    A true legend of grindcore!!! four legendary musicians went on to make three legendary bands!!! a must have in your collection!!! not a bad song on this album.... blast beats with single kick drum there is a reason why Pete is "commando" !!!
  15. Corpsegrinder
    by Corpsegrinder
    Defined By Your Demise Defined By Your Demise
    Must get this album!!! feel good hits of the summer!!! hahaha ... just good old fashion death metal!!!
  16. Abysmal Stillness
    by Profane Desecration
    The Reaper Is Waiting The Reaper Is Waiting
    Most excellent album... good old fashion black of metal... blast beats , chugging axes, deep guttural vocals!!!
  17. Unrelenting Breed
    by Cryptdweller
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  19. Pain Will Define Their Death
    by Vitriol
    Pain Will Define Their Death Pain Will Define Their Death
    These guys are just at the top of the death metal !!! If you love Morbid Angel and just brutal intense mayhem metal you will love these guys!!! Just check out their YouTube channel Kyle is very in tune with his weapons of mass destruction!!!
  20. Aseitas
    by Aseitas