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  2. Circling
    by Unwoman
    Specimen Specimen
    This is a fantastic album, IMO Unwoman's magnum opus to date. One of those albums I want to play over and over. The writing, the singing, the playing all have so much substance. And she's one hell of a producer. If you've heard anything else from her that caught your ear, this is a can't-miss.
  3. Space Explorer Polaris
    by Pawel Osmolski
    Space Explorer Polaris Space Explorer Polaris
    The title track is hypnotic but also tells a story. The loneliness, the peril, and the thrill of journeying in space all come through. The simple video is a great slice of nostalgia and also very soothing.
  4. Nuthin/Sumthin
    by Humfree Bug Art
    Homes Homes
    Humfree Bug Art was a revelation, and I can't recommend this album highly enough. Overwhelming layered structures, cryptic lyrics, and a beating heart of soulful vocals. So many have tried to accomplish this and fallen short.
  5. FLORES 4
    C A N D Y ♥ C A N D Y ♥
  6. Sunsets
    by nano神社 (✪㉨✪)
    Digital Vital Sign Digital Vital Sign
    Awww, vaporwave, you're all grown up! I'm really enjoying this summery nostalgia ride. Easily one of the 5 most impressive business casual releases to date.
  7. Mazy Fly
    Dirty Desert Dreams Dirty Desert Dreams
  8. LONER
    by Caroline Rose
    Jeannie Becomes A Mom Jeannie Becomes A Mom
  9. Sister Death
    by Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores
    Fire Shuffle Fire Shuffle
  10. Tone Ranger
    by Tone Ranger
    Cheyenne Cheyenne
  11. House Made of Sun
    by Tone Ranger
  12. K. S. Chithra
    by K. S. Chithra
    Sikkunnu Sikkunnu
    Here are some playful, romantic or funky collaborations from KS Chithra's lovely voice and Ilaiyaraaja's musical direction. And of course the video clips are half the fun, if you can find them on Youtube. The most fun track is the "drunk" song, Sikkunnu (video titled Chikkunnu Irukku), a duet with the famous SP Balu. It's wonderful to open up this vast world of Indian cinema music to whole new audiences.
  13. Meri Jaan
    by Bappi Lahiri
    Something scary this way comes. Lovely singing with huge reverb over a very 1970s ensemble sounds like a romance at first, but something isn't quite right. In the film, Dahshat, the tune is a dance number performed in a nightclub, but danger lurks very close by.
  14. Sansani Khez Koi Baat
    by Hemant Bhole
    I never thought I could call a funk song "haunting," but here we are. The rhythm recalls classic exploitation cinema, while the female voices (Asha Bhosle) echo sadly. The male vocal (Hemant Bhosle) sounds like a man losing his grip on sanity for sure! The film is "Sansani" (1981).
  15. Ilectro
    by Ilaiyaraaja
    Poo Poo Kkum (featuring P.Susheela) Poo Poo Kkum (featuring P.Susheela)
    Not as many memorable songs as on "Solla Solla" but still interesting Tamil film electric pop. Keep it coming, Finders Keepers Records!
  16. Love is a One-Way Traffic: Groovy East Asian Chicks, 1960s-70s
    by Canary Records
    Warm Spring Warm Spring
  17. The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel
    by Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica
    The Boulevard of Broken Dreams The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  18. Tobago
    by Pony Sherrell
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. The Code of the Flowers
    by Ayla Nereo
    Tightrope Walker Tightrope Walker
  20. From The Ground Up
    by Ayla Nereo
    appears in 1 other collection