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  1. This Shame Should Not Be Mine
  2. Frigus
    by uiv
  3. Flowers Rot, Bring me Stones
    by Moundabout
  4. Horizon
    by Museum Of Light
    Cal Cal
    This is GIGANTIC! You can hear hints of a lot of bands in this. Melvins, Mutoid Man, Godflesh, Helmet. But yet, they're not "ripping off" any of those bands. This is wholly original.

    Just give er a listen.
  5. Chapitre II
    by Tambour
  6. Kinnery Of Lupercalia; Undelivered Legion
    by Munly & The Lupercalians
  7. Glassbreaker
    by Amulett
    Ghost Town Ghost Town
    It is very rare that a band trying to capture the spirit and feel of the first wave of NWOBHM can actually pull it off. This is that rare instance. Production/somgwriting/execution are done perfectly for this style. For me, this album takes me back to my ever malleable youth of the late 70's early 80's and listening to bands like Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest and feeling like I belonged to a very select and special club. It's crazy to think this came out in 2021.
  8. The Jimmy Reed EP
    by Righteous45
  9. The Shape of Everything
    by SOM
  10. The Sky Is Crying - The Ultimate Collection
    by Elmore James
  11. Farm
    by Farm
  12. Two Worlds Collide
    by October Burns Black
  14. Mend
    by Au-Dessus
  15. An Endless Static
    by Gozer
  16. Old Spells
    by Cumulostratus
  17. Crushed
    by Magnatar
  18. Sleep In Light
    by Hundred Year Old Man
  19. The Bela Session
    by Bauhaus
  20. S/T LP
    by Poison Ruïn