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  1. Stellar Frequencies Session
    by where mermaids drown
  2. songs of the 1940s - vol. 3 & 4
    by king dude
  3. Infinite Peace (2LP/DL, Stolen Body Records, 2024)
    by Ivan The Tolerable
    "[...] Everything comes together wonderfully fluent and relaxing. This is an album which confidently claims its stake of the Spiritual Jazz cake, with the flan case made of tradition and a modern individual topping. With thirteen compositions on four record sides it certainly is quite a huge portion - but it's also a flavour which won't overgorge me anytime soon [...]"

    my full review:
  4. Cloud Sculptors
    by Full Earth
    "[...] This album is a giant, who stomps his foot on the ground right in front of you, while butterflies are fluttering around his light-flooded hair. The kinetic power of his movements crashes the kig tide into the fjord, breaks the cliff off the coast and blows every ballast which is not Rock’n’Roll bliss out of your head. [...]"

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  5. Collision
    by Carpet
    "[...] What I even love more than the great songwriting on this record is the warm colour palette of its arrangements, the textures of Mellotron, Rhodes, trumpet, flugelhorn and the smooth vocal performance of Maximilian Stephan. This whole thing just comes together so well! From idea to execution, production and presentation every step just worked here and makes this a wonderfully flawless package. [...]"
    by SONSON
  7. Sonson - A shine below the mound
    by Kapitaen Platte
  8. Our Colossal Sins [single]
    by Monovoth
    by SPECK
  10. Singularities III
    by Kara Delik
    "[...] the greatest approximation to Pop appeal with catchy vocal melodies and a more standardized song structure than on previous tracks. Still too strange for radio, no worries! The following three songs definitely get more crazy again with Gizzms, Lizardisms and TropicalFuckStormisms, hard-running grooves, a healthy amount of controlled chaos [...]"

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  11. Too Many Souls
    by Avi C. Engel
    "[...] Among the minimal arrangements of guitar, percussions and occasional melodica, which carry Avi's soothing vocals, especially the gudok, a lute-related Slavic string instrument, is the emotionally captivating star of the show. [...]"
  12. Everything Is Like Always Until It Is Not
    by Aidan Baker
    "[...] No doubt, mister Baker knows what he's doing with this fearless exploration of (un)easy listening. And Cruel Nature Records know how to pack and design a tape release. Perfect concept and execution all around!"
    by MAIRU
    "Sometimes huge and aggressive Post Metal can feel a little stale and tiring, but this band just has that certain it, which captures me."
  14. Pleroma Mortem Est
    by Monovoth
    "This album is a mountain, but it’s conquerable without structuring your whole day around it. As mundane [...] as it may sound: I appreciate the consumer-friendly convenience. You don’t stumble upon a massive, gripping Funeral Doom masterpiece in this format - and not feeling too short - everyday."

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  15. whiteout (live)
    by ChurchLickers
    "a welcome appendix to the self-titled debut album of the Post Rock trio from Hamburg"
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  16. Vajranala
    by Senyawa (Official)
    "[...] driven by the drones and hard hits of Wukir Suryadi's self-made, equally modern and ancient instruments and the incredible power, versatility and charisma of Rully Shabara's voice. This epic new track is a very intriguing preview of their next album."
  17. SAVED! The Index
    by The Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter
    "[...] no matter if you loved or hated Saved! - you'll certainly feel the same for this. It's more of the same. But the same is fantastic, astonishingly varied stuff, truly unlike anything else. So yes, I gladly take it. Hallelujah once again!
    The almost fourteen minutes of speaking / yelling in tongues at the end is a bit much though"
  18. Último Ancestral Comum
    by Bríi
  19. Medicine
    by Goat
  20. Bügeln
    by Minerall
    "[...] all members of this gathering are used to improvising and have put out plenty of studio and live jam releases in the past. So why should you specifically care for Minerall? The threefold answer is feeling, timing and lack of ego. You may also summerize those as sheer quality. [...]"

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