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Derek Power

  1. Framingham, Massachusetts
  2. Electronic
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  1. Meditation Tapes
    by Eternal Judge
  2. Cyberspace Database
    by Fornax Void
  3. Dante Trilogy: TREMOR . SPORE . LEGACY
  4. Crossing The Trail
  5. 蝉の長い夏
    by Ecconomy Class
  6. The Life Of Me
  7. 毎​日​の​空
    by 夢へのポータル
    家族はあなたを愛しています 家族はあなたを愛しています
  8. She Dreams of Duality
    by Euphoria Engine
    星雲の波 星雲の波
  9. Cloudfall
    by Euphoria Engine
    エピソード ⅠⅠ エピソード ⅠⅠ
  10. Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)
    by Coil
  11. Horse Sense: Live at DUALITYFEST
    by Petridisch
  12. 👁点击と👁
    by 👁‍🗨📲
    В А К У У М Н А Я В А К У У М Н А Я
    If you like dds's I'll Try Living Like This, this will be right up your alley. It's both very familiar "vaporwave" and yet continues to push and expand what "it can be".
  13. Is This What Life Is Like?
    by Golden Living Room
    Autumn Canon Autumn Canon
  14. City of Vices
    by キラヨシ
  15. voyager
    by Paul Owen
  16. Dream Research Center Vol. 1
    by 夢研究センター
  17. 人生は幻想です
    by M y s t e r yミステリー & desert sand feels warm at night
  18. OST
    by Zer0 Rei
  19. 1990 Demo EP
    by Nelories
  20. Hiatus / Improvement
    by Valyri Sheffner Harris & Octa Möbius Sheffner