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Derek Hildreth

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  1. ESCISM (ESC Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
  2. Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
    by Disasterpeace
  3. PULSTAR The Definitive Soundtrack
    by Harumi Fujita
  4. Resurrection of the Night: Alucard's Elegy (Music from "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night")
    by Materia Collective
  5. ToeJam & Earl - Back in the Groove! Soundtrack
    by Greg Johnson
  6. Celeste B-Sides
    by Various Artists
  7. BATTLETECH (Original Soundtrack)
    by Jon Everist
  8. Artoffact Records 2019
    by Artoffact Records
  9. Various Artists, Kode9 - Diggin in the Carts Remixes
    by Kode9
  10. Wake Up The Coma
    by Front Line Assembly
  11. WarMech
    by Front Line Assembly
  12. NieR: Glory to Mankind
    by ROZEN + REVEN
  13. Cold Century
    by Vi Res
  14. Diggin' In The Carts
    by Various Artists
  15. Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement
    by Saori Kobayashi
  16. Talk About Bones EP
    by Seeming
  17. Silent DiscoVery
    by Seeming
  18. Madness & Extinction
    by Seeming
  19. Worldburners EP
    by Seeming
  20. VA-11 HALL-A EX - Bonus Tracks Collection
    by Garoad
  21. VA-11 HALL-A - Second Round
    by Garoad
  22. VA-11 HALL-A Prologue OST - Sounds From The Future
    by Garoad
  23. Faceless EP
    by Seeming
  24. SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual
    by Seeming
  25. Shovel Knight The Definitive Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
  26. Lingua Franca
    by Dugo
  27. SNDTRK
    by Various
  28. RR7349
    by S U R V I V E
  29. mnq026
    by S U R V I V E
  30. Furi Original Soundtrack
    by Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Waveshaper, Kn1ght
  31. Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies
    by Jim Guthrie
  32. Terra Magica
    by Saori Kobayashi
  33. The Banner Saga
    by Austin Wintory
  34. Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack
    by Yoko Shimomura, Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki
  35. Indie Game: The Movie (Soundtrack)
    by Jim Guthrie
  36. Journey
    by 茜 -AKANE-
  37. In Flux
    by Brave Wave Productions
  38. Double Dragon Neon
    by Jake Kaufman
  39. The Scythian Steppes: Seven #Sworcery Songs Localized for Japan
    by Jim Guthrie