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  1. Cocktail (Remastered)
    by 385North
  2. Lost Life
    by The New Division
  3. Colors
    by Niveum
  4. West Coast Dreams
    by The Motion Epic
  5. amber
    by polistirex
  6. Azur Collection
    by Krosia
  7. Storm Signals
    by Alternate Skies
  8. Introspect
    by Michael Oakley
  9. California
    by Michael Oakley
  10. Antwerp
    by Enzo Van Baelen
  11. Pristine
    by Mac Lacrosse
  12. Stay Passionate, Be Discrete
    by Lipstick Elite
  13. WILKES
    by Sam Wilkes
  14. Heavy Black Heart
    by death's dynamic shroud
  15. Live From Japan
    by death's dynamic shroud
  16. Vol. 1: It's Always Summer Here
    by Skyline Collective
  17. Palms - Deeper Wells
    by Thrice
  18. To you baby, with love
  19. Textures
    by Rhodes Rodosu
    by Diskette Park
  21. Escape International
    by waterfront dining
  22. a surreal fashion
    by eccodroid
  23. Summer Hits Vol. 2
    by Vercetti
  24. All Together Now!
    by CHANCE デラソウル
    by VANITAS命死
  26. Sideways
    by Smoke On The Horizon
  27. Flamingo Funk vol.2
    by My Pet Flamingo
  28. Miracle Lounge มิราเคิล เลานจ์
    by Donor Lens
  29. Blind Date | Rose Quartz
    by Luxury Elite
  30. FutureSounds Volume 3
    by Various Artists
  31. Hellveterra
    by Zer0 れい
  32. Kitchen Table Instrumentals
    by Frank Schweikhardt
  33. Tension
    by Occams Laser
  34. Unknown Frequency
    by Lucy in Disguise
  35. 激しい感情
    by desert sand feels warm at night
  36. B O G U S // COLLECTIVE - Volume 2
    by VA
  37. FEELS 感じている
    by waterfront dining
  38. Floating Points
    by Pink Ranger
  39. Retro Relief : Bahama Nights
    by Retro Relief : Bahama Nights
  40. Pictures of Purple Skies
    by Memorex Memories
  41. Anthology
    by Don Muro
  42. Kitchen Table
    by Frank Schweikhardt
  43. Baby, I miss you
  44. ジャングル
    by 地球
  45. Tau Ceti
    by Foewi