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Der Internet

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  2. Metal
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  1. Magickal Atavism (Compilation)
  2. Embraced by the Light of a Vampyric Moon
    by Orlok's Mourning
  3. A Sanguine Light in the Shadow of Gloom
    by Gölgaräh
  4. Rehearsal Demo 2-14-2023
    by Nebulous of Blood
  5. Path of the Dead
    by Servant of Ulvaar
  6. Covenant of the Eclipse
    by Nebulous of Blood, Serpentis
  7. Tome of Eternal Darkness
    by Lone Sentinel/Elminster
  8. Songs of Admantia
    by Lone Sentinel
  9. Fortress of the North
    by North Fortress
  10. Candlelight Sorcery
    by Candlelight Sorcery
  11. Nocturnal Moon Worship Demo
    by Lone Sentinel
  12. Lone Sentinel Demo Comp 2
    by Lone Sentinel
  13. The Last of Those Who Understood
    by Keeper of the Gates
  14. Within the Age of Savagery
    by Hyperborean Might
  15. Forest Passage
    by Lone Sentinel
  16. Heretical Dawn
    by Hróðvitnir
  17. Mine Tower, Mine Kingdom
    by Vampyric Tomb Mold
  18. Valley of the Wyvern
    by Lone Sentinel
  19. The Demo Era Compilation Tape 1
    by Lone Sentinel
  20. In the Age of Mist
    by Frostrune