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  1. An Index of Textures
    by Danny Clay & Matt Atkins
    A2 A2
    Turning up the volume on this album won't make the walls shake or have the speakers emanate engulfing atmospherics, but it will put the listener in the midst of a never-ending swell of nuances that will go from the metallic reverberation from a chiming bell or the crunching sound of dry leaves. It will be like putting each piece under a microscope to find rhythmic and tonal patterns that may go unnoticed once the musical instruments kick in.
  2. The Gate
    by Reza Solatipour
    by Vlimmer
  4. Anthology Of Persian Experimental Music
    by Various Artists
    Spectro Duo - Lajevard Excerpt 2 Spectro Duo - Lajevard Excerpt 2
    A reissue of some sorts, this anthology presents a solid selection of Iran's experimental scene, which encompasses drone, electronic music, ambient and avant-garde endeavors. Unexplained Sounds Group brings us yet another great compilation through which we can understand experimental music in a non-western context.
  5. Interpersonal Subjectivities
    by Akiyama / Field / Vidic
  6. Volume 1
    by KVL
  7. Phase Eclipse
    by Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci
    Under the Influence Under the Influence
    With a minimalist approach, Lea Bertucci and Amirtha Kidambi confirm that less is more, and manage to keep Phase Eclipse an enthralling experience all throughout, conjuring catharsis through serenity, intensity and the naïve.
  8. Kobra Quartet
    by Aurora Nealand / Steve Marquette / Anton Hatwich / Paul Thibodeaux
  9. No Place to Fall
    by Rodrigo Amado & Chris Corsano
  10. Melantant
    by Feverdreamt
  11. On A Greater Scale
    by XTR HUMAN
  12. Witchcraft & Black Magic In The United Kingdom
    by Various Artists
  13. Fog Surrounds Us
    by Fir Cone Children
  14. Ambulante [Single]
    by Aura en el espejo
  15. Songs About Jason
    by Aaron Dilloway
  16. All Tiny Breasts Crushed Beneath the Shadow
    by Those Darn Gnomes
  17. My Mind As Your Amusement Park
    by Phantoms vs Fire
  18. Le Champ Des Morts
    by Feu Follet
    by Vlimmer
  20. Aún [Single]
    by Aura en el espejo
  21. Nostalgia [Single]
    by Aura en el espejo
  22. Soundtrack [Single]
    by Aura en el espejo
  23. Aparición [Single]
    by Aura en el espejo
  24. Fantasma [Single]
    by Aura en el espejo
  25. A Young Person's Guide to Unseen Worlds - Mixed by Visible Cloaks
    by Unseen Worlds
  26. Lump Sugar
    by Brom
  27. When Man Fails You
    by Yves Tumor
  28. SƏS: Azeri Music for Krot Zine
    by Ored Recordings
  29. The Hatred Tapes
    by ANCO
  30. Sounds of a new planet
    by Origami Kazute Company 折り紙
  31. Galaxy
    by σκοτεινή ενέργεια
  32. Grandes Exit us
    by Cori Matiuss
  33. 98.7 FM: ファンキーCITY
    by カツミKatsumi98
  34. Chronic Of Urban Laws
    by Steve Joy
  35. Hologram Snack
    by Virtual Soundsystem Records & POAT Records
  36. Unreleased, Remixes, Demos and B-Sides
    by EMBA Soundsystem
  37. 門敞開著 / Open Doors
    by 新的遺產 New Legacy Corp.
  38. ذكريات منسية
    by المدن المحرمة
  39. Sounds Of Hell
    by アレックス H O R R O R 666
  40. Nothing is Real, Everything is a Dream
    by アレックス H O R R O R 666
  41. Come Back To Me
    by EMBA Soundsystem
  42. Bizzare Eyes
    by Plasma
  43. 2-Way System
    by Steve Joy
  44. Terror Funk
    by アレックス H O R R O R 666 & EMBA Soundsystem
  45. Cigarettes, Hate And Other Awesome Feelings
    by Soul Story