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  1. A Vampire Goes West
    by Smackos
  2. Secrets After Dreams
    by Legowelt
  3. Division Cycle
    by Hilyard
  4. A Greater Bliss
    by Wordclock
  5. Swan Song Of The Skunkape Original Soundtrack
    by Danny Wolfers
  6. Guidance For The Puzzled
    by UFOCUS
    Archetypes And Myths Archetypes And Myths
    Another great psychedelic trip by Legowelt. Weird landscapes and interactions with otherworldly creatures and entities make this album a true experience.

    The two tracks that stand out are (for me) surely "Provoking a United Mental Force" and "Archetypes and Myths". The strange lyrics make the latter absolutely phenomenal.
  7. cortezas
    by américa analógica
  8. Mistmorning
    by Coppice Halifax & Zwei Kreise
    Mintmorning [Channelwood Distillation] Mintmorning [Channelwood Distillation]
    A wonderful and quite different addition to the Coppice Halifax catalogue. A clear and crisp melodic drift over the surface of an alien planet.

    You can really feel the lush flora and fauna, the dripping of soothing drizzle, as your fingers glide through alien fern. I feel like I am back in Metroid Prime.
  9. RR4
  10. Acid Resurrection EP 2.0
    by Teik Arô (アロ)
  11. Acid Resurrection EP
    by Teik Arô (アロ)
  12. Honeysuckle
    by ALIO DIE~
  13. Rêverie
  14. Aura Seminalis
    by ALIO DIE ~
  15. Sacral Phases
    by Coppice Halifax
  16. Auroral Phases
    by Coppice Halifax
  17. Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz
    by Danny Wolfers
  18. Eden In A Sea Of Misery
    by Smackos
    The Day You Will Wipe Your Tears Away The Day You Will Wipe Your Tears Away
    Just like "The Land Is Entranced With Peace", Legoworld/Smackos' new work is again an outstanding, surreal escape that brings you to dream-like places. "The Day You Will Wipe Your Tears Away" stands as my personal highlight, melting my brain. A wonderful addition.
  19. Styx
    by Phonothek
  20. Dream Chambers
    by Mount Shrine & Alphaxone