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  1. The Sound of the Future
    by Vieon
  2. She is the Dark
    by Oskar Terramortis
  3. Lost Worlds
    by Vieon
  4. 3.5 Decades - A Joy Division Italian Tribute
    by Darkitalia
  5. Violent Rains
    by Minuit Machine
  6. Dreams (LP)
    by Laura Brehm
  7. Solitude
    by Galathilion
  8. Evil Technology
    by VHS Glitch
  9. Cwayne A1
    by Cwayne
  10. Besides The Abyss
    by Lebanon Hanover
  11. Her Fall And Rise
    by Hante.
    by Various Artists - CYBERWORLD XX
  13. Aurora
    by BrunuhVille
  14. Queen of Thorns
    by Adrian von Ziegler
  15. Voyage Love
    by Le Couleur
  16. Child of Light
    by Cœur de pirate
  17. Adam & Eve
  18. Neptüne
    by Contre Jour
  19. The Night Is Darkening
    by Whisper Of Tears
  20. Tachyon
    by Compilerbau
  21. The Harrow
    by The Harrow
  22. Rebirth
    by BrunuhVille
  23. Fantasy Journey |Celtic Collection|
    by BrunuhVille
  24. Blonde
    by Cœur de pirate
  25. Celestial Regions (The Light Side)
    by Nave Artificial
  26. Syntension Gamma
    by Various
  27. To London Or The Lake
  28. All That's To Come
    by Oh Stockholm!
  29. All That's To Come
    by Oh Stockholm!
  30. Tomb For Two
    by Lebanon Hanover
  31. Aura
    by BrunuhVille
  32. Love And Tears
    by Daniel Dimitri
  33. Dimitry Liss - To The Moon EP [IA Records 008]
    by Dimitry Liss
  34. Avec Le Vent
    by Vadim Kiselev
  35. Les mécanismes de la culpabilité
    by Police des moeurs
  36. Winter Ruins
    by Arduinna
  37. Renaissance D'Un Pétale Séché
    by Rosa Voragine Submersa
  38. Feather and Skull
    by Adrian von Ziegler
  39. Ventilate
    by Hot Hot Hawk
  40. Mademoiselle
    by The Underground Youth
  41. Sadovaya
    by The Underground Youth
  42. Best Of 2012
    by CMA
  43. Crystal Flash EP
    by Theophany
  44. Synthematika Four
    by Various
  45. Aurorae EP
    by Amethystium