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  1. Death Weight
    by Whitehorse
    by Internal Rot
  3. Ru:mipu:dus
    by Forgotten Sunrise
  4. Sonic Bullet
    by Destructor
  5. Inner Piece
    by Crackwhore
  6. Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces (complete edition)
    by Steve Roach
  7. Split w/ Kutabare
    by Contaminated
  8. Death Threat Recriminations
    by Skinflick
  9. Halo Of Flies / The Maggot Circle
    by Skinflick
  10. Year of the Dogs
    by Skinflick
  11. Pearls Before Swine
    by Skinflick
  12. Two Ton Loser
    by Skinflick
  13. Six Stone Junkie
    by Skinflick
  14. How Fucked is Now
    by Skinflick
  15. Crystal Meth Compendium
    by Skinflick
  16. I'm pissing on you but the fire has long since gone out
    by Skinflick
  17. Split w/ Sulfuric Cautery
    by Incinerated
  18. Lobotomise
    by Incinerated
  19. Unreleased
    by Incinerated
  20. Split w/ Landfill
    by Incinerated