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  1. 4
    by S J Downes
  2. Indie Reggae Revolution
    by The Ship-Tones
  3. Stories From The Crooked Room
    by Jon Amor
  4. Unknown Soldier
    by Jon Amor
  5. Magic
    by Andy Edwards
  6. Daemon
    by Andy Edwards
  7. Lion's Path
    by S.J. Downes
  8. The Long Shadow
    by Andy Edwards
  9. Remote Control
    by Jon Amor
  10. Ley Lines VI: Malleable Mechanism
    by Steve Lawson, Andy Edwards & Phi Yaan-Zek
  11. Making It Up As I Go Along
    by Andy Edwards
  12. Beauty Beyond Grief
    by Aladean Kheroufi
  13. AMOR
    by AMOR
    This album for me meant a break from the almost stale Blues scene of the time, it was a bold adventurous step forward. If only it could have been exposed to a wider audience I'm sure it would have received more success. Almost 20 years later it still sounds fresh. Jon is the reason I own a red guitar!
  14. May Fly
    by Andy Edwards
  15. Oddments and Outakes
  16. Kundabuffa is Dead
  17. "This Is Blues Hip-Hop" (2011)
    by Scarecrow
  18. How The Story Goes
    by KUNDABUFFA (feat. BD Lenz)
  19. Love & Murder
    by Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse