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Full Metal Wastecoat

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  1. Unlight: Songs of Earth and Atrophy
    by Miasmata
  2. Heartless
    by Bestial Mouths
  3. Animated Violence Mild
    by Blanck Mass
  4. VANESSA 77
    by Vanessa Worm
  5. Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare
    by Bonjour Tristesse
  6. life is all fair
    by Nadddir
  7. I'm a fucking plague
    by Nadddir
  8. The All Seeing Hand
    by The All Seeing Hand
  9. Leaves of Yesteryear
    by Green Carnation
  10. A Clear and Present Rager
    by Nuclear Power Trio
  11. GOD IV - Revelation
    by GOD
  12. Doorsteps
    by Kormac
  13. Sowing Acorns
    by Emma Langford
  14. Transcendental
    by Mono & The Ocean
  15. METAJTEP001 - The Arcane EP
    by Jubei & Tyrone
  16. Endarkenment
    by Anaal Nathrakh
  17. III: Trauma
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  18. Djinn
    by UADA
  19. Laat maar, deel twee: ik verhuis naar Østmarka
  20. Laat maar, deel vier: ik verhuis naar Endor