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John Gainfort

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  1. The Thief
    by Horseburner
  2. Skullcrusher
    by Sister Midnight
  3. Coven of the Snake
    by Arrowhead
  4. Wolftooth
    by Wolftooth
  5. Semuta
    by Lord Vapour
  6. Volume
    by ZED
  7. Lightning Born
    by Lightning Born
  8. Tinnitus the Night
    by Roadsaw
  9. Supercluster
    by Salem's Bend
  10. Time of the Healer
    by Bright Curse
  11. The Turk an' wot E' Smokes
    by Sister Midnight
  12. Cry Of The Ocean
    by Stubb
  13. The Sunken Djinn / Olde One (live) Single
    by Vokonis
  14. Sleep Among The Dead
    by Doomstress
  15. Bury the Hatchet
    by Shotgun Sawyer
  16. The Horologist
    by Cities of Mars
  17. Strangers
    by Obsidian Sea
  18. Blood on Snow
    by Sister Midnight
  19. Awakened From the Tomb
    by Witchers Creed
  20. Ancients
    by Black Lung
  21. A Feast For the Sixth Sense
    by The Ghost Next Door
  22. Orbis Majora
    by AVER
  23. Desperation Blues Deluxe
    by ZED
  24. New Years Evil
    by Sister Midnight
  25. The Narrow Line
    by Craneium
  26. Superfonica
    by Arcadian Child
  27. Awaken to Destroy
    by Foghound
  28. Sweet Relief
    by Craneium
    subscriber exclusive
  29. Holy Grove II
    by Holy Grove
  30. Mojo Rising
    by Psychlona
  31. Carpentiere Rosso
    by Salems Bend
  32. Midnight Neckbite EP
    by Sister Midnight
  33. Return to Dragontooth
    by Foghound
  34. The Nekromant Lives
    by Nekromant
  35. Deal Thy Fate
    by Castle
  36. Of Blood and Wine
    by The Necromancers
  37. The Hazytones II: Monarchs of Oblivion
    by The Hazytones
  38. Second Coming of Heavy: Chapter 9
    by Cortez/ Wasted Theory
  39. Life On Ares
    by Plainride
  40. Salem (Resurrection)
    by Witchers Creed
  41. Darker Seas
    by Ape Machine
  42. RippleFest Sweden II - Taking Over Stockholm!
    by Ripple Music
  43. Manifest
    by Craneium
  44. Blood For Walpurgis
    by Nekromant
  45. El Coyote (Single Version)
    by Plainride