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  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Electronic
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    by V.A.
  2. The World Of Monnom Black
    by Various Artists
  3. Sleep of Reason
    by Randomer
    by Héctor Oaks / Sugar / Binny / DJ Disrespect
  5. Resonant Body
    by Octo Octa
  6. Dancing For You EP
    by 1-800 Girls
  7. "Tales from Bao'An County" EP
    by Mr. Ho
  8. "Vivid" EP
    by Dj Normal 4
  9. A1. Malba Tahan
    by Phran
  10. Don't Keep The Fire Burning
    by Mall Grab
  11. "Brainstorming" EP
    by Alphonse
  12. "New Product" EP
    by Privacy
  13. Steel City Dance Discs Volume 9
    by Skin On Skin
  14. Turn Your Love Around
    by Mood J
  15. "Fall of the Humanoids" EP
    by Dawl + Sween
    by Dj Delivery
  17. Photonz - Angel Heart EP with Almaty remix
    by naive
  18. Confusion Of Sound EP
    by Harrison BDP
  19. Strangers
    by Mall Grab + Skin on Skin
  20. Dance Trax Vol.22
    by DJ Boneyard
  21. Boss Moves
    by Luca Lozano
  22. Firedance EP [MLKL016]
    by JKS
  23. Steel City Dance Discs Volume 13
    by Jasper James
  24. RVE 001
    by Tommy Holohan & Casper Hastings
  25. Nite Fleit "Overcast"
    by Nite Fleit
  26. Шакке (Schacke) – Клуб Навсегда EP
    by Шакке (Schacke)
  27. Dance Trax Vol.23
    by KETTAMA
    Comeragh Sport Comeragh Sport
  28. PNP 004 - Various Artists
    by Hyas, Jacques Renault, Lovers, Kirk The Flirt, Fede Lng
  29. PNP 002
    by Fede Lng, DJ Swagger, Slamb, gutinstinct, Turk Turkelton
    DJ Swagger - I Don't Need Your Love DJ Swagger - I Don't Need Your Love
  30. G-TOWN CLUB TRAX 001
    by KETTAMA
  31. If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer
    by Barnt
  32. Cosmic Connection
    by Demuja
  33. Galazy EP
    by DJ Seinfeld
  34. Player Seventeen
    by Player
  35. Growing Pains
    by Mall Grab
  36. Moogie
    by Mall Grab + Nite Fleit
  37. Steel City Dance Discs Volume 6
    by Loods
  38. Steel City Dance Discs Volume 11
    by Loods
  39. I Love This City
    by S.C.D.D. HAZMAT Team
  40. Apolo EP
    by Matthieu Faubourg
    by 999999999