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Deidre House

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  1. Energy
    by emanative
  2. Echoes
    by Lady With
  3. Alternate Cakes
    by Lady With
  4. Sharpener
    by Hackney Colliery Band
  5. A Subtler Kind Of Light
  6. Separate | Migrate
    by The Kraken Quartet
  7. Przypływ
    by Jazzpospolita
  8. Afternoon Tea at Six
    by Eishan Ensemble
  9. VLAD II
    by Joshua Morse
  10. Super Sonic Fusion Collection
    by Joshua Morse
    by Joshua Morse
  12. Letters to My Best Friend
    by Qais Essar
  13. Triforce 5ive
    by TriForce
  14. effloresce
    by covet
  15. Scarlet
    by Rosy Finch
  16. On the Instability of Air
    by Countdown from Ten
    It's Pronounced Bach It's Pronounced Bach
  17. The Comedy of Forms, The Tragedy of Function
    by Goblin Hovel
    Rootchewer Rootchewer
    I have since moved on, but my memories of contributing to Goblin Hovel are among my most cherished. My dear friends, please never stop making this weird, wonderful music.
  18. Jaga Jazzist - Pyramid
    by Jaga Jazzist
  19. Fires Within Fires
    by Neurosis
    Fire Is The End Lesson Fire Is The End Lesson
  20. Continuation
    by Collocutor
  21. Deafman Glance
    by Ryley Walker
  22. Golden Sings That Have Been Sung (Deep Cuts Edition)
    by Ryley Walker
  23. Grive générale!
    by Turdus Philomelos
    Refreshingly different, organically unpredictable. By the end you won't even question the techno accordion groove, it just makes sense
    by Mark Guiliana
    I need more of this danceable fusion in my life
  25. Music for Sharks
    by Nerve
    Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran)
  26. After The Flare
    by Nerve
    Can't believe I slept on this for so long! Nerve goes acoustic and it's stellar...
  27. Here Comes A Man From The Council With A Flamethrower
    by A Formal Horse
    Last Track on Side Fun Last Track on Side Fun
  28. One Eye Closed
    by Lack The Low
  29. Cycles
    by Benoît Lugué
    El Tigre El Tigre
  30. Driftglass
    by SEED Ensemble
    Afronaut ft. XANA Afronaut ft. XANA
  31. Side$how
    by Louis de Mieulle
    Bed of Nails, part 5 (2nd Meditation) Bed of Nails, part 5 (2nd Meditation)
  32. Everyday Shredder
    by Naughty Professor
    Oroku Saki Oroku Saki
  33. Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match
    by Afuche
  34. Stars, Plants & Bugs
    by Louis de Mieulle
    Insect Party (aka Soundfrieze #2) Insect Party (aka Soundfrieze #2)
  35. The Lights In the Aisle Will Guide You
    by Hooffoot
    Pablo Octavio - 7th sea Pablo Octavio - 7th sea
  36. Passing Through The Wall
    by Zevious
  37. No Moon
    by Body Hound
    like King Crimson meets Meshuggah meets Planet X - heavy and cerebral, with jazz/fusion flourishes
  38. Everybody's Going To Die
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
    Sorcery & Sabotage Sorcery & Sabotage
    I'm so ready to join this cult. seriously this band and this album are absolutely KILLER!!!
  39. Little Tybee
    by Little Tybee
    Baritone Baritone
    sweet, uplifting tunes, intricately crafted, gracefully performed
  40. Metaprogramação
    Templo do Caos Templo do Caos
    a swirling maelstrom of diffused aggression; refracted rage suspended in a psychedelic haze
  41. Chordae Tendineae
    by The Pneumatic Transit
    Residual Sentience Residual Sentience
  42. Delicious
    by The Funky Knuckles
    Megaboss Megaboss
  43. Trio
    by Laura Jurd
  44. Chapters
    by Kneebody
    Wounds Let In The Light Wounds Let In The Light
    Kneebody with some of my favorite singers as guests... wonderful!
  45. Passage Elemental
    by Wandering Oak
    Riastrad Riastrad