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Deidre House

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  1. Continuation
    by Collocutor
  2. No Moon
    by Body Hound
    like King Crimson meets Meshuggah meets Planet X - heavy and cerebral, with jazz/fusion flourishes
  3. Everybody's Going To Die
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
    Sorcery & Sabotage Sorcery & Sabotage
    I'm so ready to join this cult. seriously this band and this album are absolutely KILLER!!!
  4. Little Tybee
    by Little Tybee
    Baritone Baritone
    sweet, uplifting tunes, intricately crafted, gracefully performed
  5. Metaprogramação
    Templo do Caos Templo do Caos
    a swirling maelstrom of diffused aggression; refracted rage suspended in a psychedelic haze
  6. Chordae Tendineae
    by The Pneumatic Transit
  7. Delicious
    by The Funky Knuckles
    Megaboss Megaboss
  8. Defense Mechanisms
    by Louis de Mieulle
  9. Trio
    by Laura Jurd
  10. Chapters
    by Kneebody
    Wounds Let In The Light Wounds Let In The Light
    Kneebody with some of my favorite singers as guests... wonderful!
  11. Passage Elemental
    by Wandering Oak
    Riastrad Riastrad
  12. Four
    by Forq
    Lullabye Lullabye
  13. Polyhymnia
    by Yazz Ahmed
  14. What's Your Conquest?
    by Black Mountain
    Not related to this track but I recently saw Black Mountain at the Knitting Factory and they were absolutely incredible
  15. Live At Yoshiwara
    by Ghost Rhythms
  16. Badakhshan
    by Hashshashin
  17. Dark City
    by Funkrust Brass Band
    by Shnabubula
  19. The Runk
    by Otis Grove
    Uncle Runky Uncle Runky
    Mmmm, thank you Tom Coleman for this groove-tastic gift!
  20. EMAR Vol. 3
    by Evan Marien (EMAR)
  21. Horixens
    by Sevish
    In the Zoon In the Zoon
  22. Arcade Attack!
    by Joshua Morse
    Crash Bomber (Mega Man 2 (Crash Man Stage) Crash Bomber (Mega Man 2 (Crash Man Stage)
  23. Sequesterer
    by Alarmist
  24. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
    The Midnight Wood The Midnight Wood
  25. Everything That Is You
    by Thrailkill
  26. Nothing Like Our Fantasy
    by Goblin Hovel
    Forests Of Painted Bone Forests Of Painted Bone
  27. Of Violence
    by Town Portal
    Veyshnorians Veyshnorians
  28. How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time)
    by Milton Man Gogh
  29. Cumbre de Nieves Perpetuas
    by Hungría
  30. Popular Music Must End
    Here Are The Options Here Are The Options
  31. Super Rite of Spring
    by Shnabubula
    Meridian Round Dances Meridian Round Dances
    Factory Factory
  33. Skim
    by COAST
  34. Destroyer
    by Black Mountain
    Future Shade Future Shade
    this album is SO GOOD. Horns Arising might be their rockin'est riff ever! The closer is total Bowie worship. love it!
  35. Ancestral Recall
    by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
    Double Consciousness Double Consciousness
  36. Mosaismic
    by IKARUS
  37. Pyramidal
    by Pyramidal
    Alussa Infinity Alussa Infinity
  38. Bulldada's Tavern
    by Bulldada
  39. Americana Raga
    by Padmanabha/Strongmen Duo
    Lonesome Battle Lonesome Battle
  40. Red Fog
    by Quantum Trio
  41. Blood Moon Rise
    by Jex Thoth
    Psyar Psyar
    by Wicker Fool
    Flickering Lights Flickering Lights
    dark acoustic folk/bluegrass/appalachian stuff featuring banjo, mandolin, 12 string, whistles, and some light percussion.

    my wonderful husband made this music and I highly recommend it.
  43. Howls in the Forest at Dusk
    by Forever Autumn
    Fire in the Head Fire in the Head
  44. You Are Literally A Metaphor
    by Consider the Source
    Misinterpretive Dance Misinterpretive Dance
  45. Identity
    by Naughty Professor