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  1. Sharp Like A Razor
    by Clouds
  2. Minds In Motion
    by Mindustries
  3. Venison Custodian
    by ØRGIE
  4. Return to the Point of No Return
    by The Outside Agency
  5. Natural Transgression
    by The Outside Agency
  6. O.G.S.E
    by Densha Crisis, Sacerdos Vigilia, Tymon, Strange Arrival
  7. The Art of the Meta4
    by Sacerdos Vigilia
  8. Raw Bass
    by Rude Awakening
  9. Monolith
    by Xaero
  10. Moss Piglet Psionics
    by Strange Arrival
  11. Corridors Of Pain
    by Nekra Damage
  12. 5,000 Years After The Pill
    by Starving Insect
  13. The Mask Of Sanity
    by RAββeAT
  14. Stories from the 9th Dimension (Genosha #029)
    by The Outside Agency
  15. Rendered Fat EP
    by Somniac One
  16. It's All Your Fault
    by Nekrokick ft Zheani
  17. MK Ultra II
    by RagnaRok
  18. Edge of Chaos
    by Various Artists
  19. Sidelnikov - Hope For The Future
    by Traumatic
    Whispers Whispers
    Quality! Cool arrangements, Classical meets oldschool enzyme-ish rhythmic hardcore.
  20. Train Sounds & Train Station Sound Effects Library Vietnam!
    by freetousesounds