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  1. Time Well
    by Cloakroom
    Seedless Star Seedless Star
  2. The Barn
    by IDYLLS
    Maslows Dogs Maslows Dogs
  3. UK
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  4. Only Ghosts
    by Red Fang
    Flies Flies
  5. Phantom Limb
    by Pig Destroyer
    Rotten Yellow Rotten Yellow
  6. Pillar of Fire
    by Tau Cross
    Killing the King Killing the King
  7. Debt
    by Helpless
    Ceremony Of Innocence Ceremony Of Innocence
  8. Wrong One To Fuck With
    by Dying Fetus
    Fixated on Devastation Fixated on Devastation
  9. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
    Lightshow Paralysis - Bonus Track Lightshow Paralysis - Bonus Track
  10. Unfortunate Anthems and Songs of No Hope
    by I am become Death
    Foe Foe
  11. White Halo
    by Heaven In Her Arms
    Ray of light at dusk Ray of light at dusk
  12. Flat Earth Blues
    by Human Future
    Swine Swine
  13. Soft Spots
    by adult mom
    Full Screen Full Screen
  14. Dunedevil
    by Wear Your Wounds
    Insects Insects
  15. A Stirring In The Noos
    by John Frum
    Presage of Emptiness Presage of Emptiness
  16. In Dark Places
    by Brutality Will Prevail
    Forever Restless Forever Restless
  17. Outsiders
    by Gnarwolves
    Straitjacket Straitjacket
  18. Be Water
    by The Tidal Sleep
    Bandages Bandages
  19. Still They Pray
    by Cough
    The Wounding Hours The Wounding Hours
  20. The Headache
    by Howls
    Memory Eraser Memory Eraser
  21. Grief's Infernal Flower
    by Windhand
    Two Urns Two Urns
  22. Auburn Rule
    by Wren
    The Herd The Herd
  23. The Spiral
    by Pye Corner Audio
    The Spiral The Spiral
  24. Artery
    Cabin Cabin
  25. Maslows Dogs
    by IDYLLS
  26. Obliteration Of The Self
    by Regurgitate Life
    The Lows One Goes To The Lows One Goes To
  27. I II (Reissue)
    by Bossk
    I I
  28. Jane Live
    by Converge
    Jane Doe (Live) Jane Doe (Live)
  29. Created in the Image of Suffering
    by King Woman
    Utopia Utopia
    by True Widow
    Entheogen Entheogen
    True Widow’s newest album, AVVOLGERE, perfectly blends the dark, cacophonous sounds of doom metal with the fuzz, vocals, and infectious rhythms of shoegaze. The entire album is incredibly cohesive, and full of slow-burning bangers like “Back Shredder”, “F.W.T.S:L.T.M.”, and “Entheogen”. What a gorgeously dark record AVVOLGERE is, from its hellish album art to its sludge-dripping distortion.
  31. Hazmat
    by reason4
    Biozeminade Biozeminade
  32. Pixie Queen
    by Anthony Green
    From What I Understand From What I Understand
    Anthony Green is a man working magic. His latest production, Pixie Queen, solidifies itself as the best solo material he’s ever released. It’s adventurous, fearless, and above all – unmistakably Green. His trademark vocals contour the album alongside magical guitar progressions, with a brutally honest introspection into his own life. It’s an album about love, nostalgia, hope for the future, and overcoming addiction… and Green has many stories to tell within.
  33. Fear of Life
    by Creative Adult
    Moving Window Moving Window
    Creative Adult have reeled it in with this one. Fear Of Life is a masterfully crafted blend of contemporary shoegaze, psychadelia, and all sorts of post-punk influences. Eight-minute bookends surround an album full of creativity, vocals somewhat a blend of the floaty shoegaze archetype and the spoken-word post-punk model. It’s paced perfectly for both lounge-listening and slow-dancing, and provides quite the hazy meditation.
  34. Tired of Tomorrow (Standard Version)
    by Nothing
    ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder) ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
    nothing have killed it with their latest work. "tired of tomorrow" is an anthem of antipathy, compulsiveness, depression, and generally trying to figure out how to live in the place we've ended up in life. it's beautiful, haunting, and easily one of the best albums this year.
  35. We Are At Home In The Body
    by For Everest
    50/50 50/50
  36. OK
    by The Fall of Troy
    A Single Word A Single Word
    TFOT's comeback album OK is mathy - riffs and mantras filling songs, echoing back to the catchy Doppelgänger while incorporating a well-received modern twist. Electronic elements and heavier, more hardcore guitars make OK a monstrous thing, a goddamn beautiful return to form that easily holds ground even beside their most notable past work. We don’t know how long they’ll be back together for, or if there will be new music after OK; but hey, at least this album is really damn good.
  37. OK #2
    by The Fall of Troy
    401k 401k
  38. A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
    by Beach Slang
    Hot Tramps Hot Tramps
    Beach Slang are heralds of new-age punk music. Frontman and songwriter James Alex says it well: “I’m not that young kid anymore, but I used to be.” The songs are loosely autobiographical as a result, but primarily removed from himself – “There was something really cool about documenting someone else’s life, but seeing myself in it.” A Loud Bash is quite energetic and rowdy, with even more raw punk energy than Beach Slang’s debut.
  39. Calculating Infinity
    by The Dillinger Escape Plan
    43% Burnt 43% Burnt
  40. DK092: Gillian Carter - Dreams of Suffocation 12" LP
    by Gillian Carter
    (Fuck Everything) One Day I'll Die (Fuck Everything) One Day I'll Die
    Dreams Of Suffocation is an album about loss. Vocalist Logan Rivera shrieks despondent lyrics over most the songs, with bullet-fast drums and shrill guitars backing his every cry. It's raw and tender, a wound not yet healed that hurts to the extent of irresistible screaming. Rivera sings a mangled form of catharsis… attempting to numb the shattering, frightening realities of life.
  41. Guidance
    by Russian Circles
    Vorel Vorel
  42. Rain Temple
    by 2814
    Before The Rain Before The Rain
  43. Whenever, If Ever
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
    Picture of a Tree That Doesn't Look Okay Picture of a Tree That Doesn't Look Okay
  44. Holo Pleasures / California Dreamin'
    by Elvis Depressedly
    Up In The Air Up In The Air