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  1. THE OPPRESSED (Originals)
  2. We Don't Need Them
    by Appalachian Terror Unit
    Officer Down / Warehousing Prisoners Officer Down / Warehousing Prisoners
    This was definitely a trip! Went hard and had a LOT to say... I love lyrical songs but it was kinda hard to keep up and for some reason the lyrics cut off for me while I’m trying to read and listen. Maybe it’s because I’m on a phone, I’m not sure exactly, either way I really enjoyed what I heard!
  3. i thought i'd be dead by now
    by murder person for hire
    chaotic gender neutral chaotic gender neutral
    This album is no joke my favorite album of 2018! Everything about it appealed to me and not gonna lie got to me in places... I’ll always love every song on it for as long as I’m a weirdo!
  4. Panic Attack Demo
    by Agatha
    by Mr Marcaille
    06 The Wall Of Death 06 The Wall Of Death
    I’ve seen a video of a live performance from this man years ago and just now am realizing I should’ve looked him up on Bandcamp today... BOY AM I GLAD I DID JUST THAT!!!
  6. I Hate Pepper Spray
    by Pepper Spray
    Big Stick Big Stick
    Was recommended this band on Facebook and I didn’t know what to expect... what I got was a damn good group that made a pretty badass throwback sounding EP to Oldschool Hardcore sounding Punk.

    Made me think of Reagan Youth or Zero Boys only with modern lyrics (which unfortunately aren’t too different from back in the day when you think about it) the scratchy distorted vocals & sound was just wonderful!

    Update: Thanks for adding the lyrics guys! Really made me enjoy the tracks more ^^
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
    by Bled To Submission
    Hysteria Swallowed Hysteria Swallowed
    This is some good hash sounding spooky Sounds, just the way I like it! The vocals on the last 2 tracks I love most!
    by Pizza Planet
    howdyhowdyhowdy howdyhowdyhowdy
    Gotta say when I heard of this band I wasn’t expecting it to slap so hard! The droning dark sound and yelling vocals give off such a sinister yet bizarrely fun tone throughout.

    Recognizing lyrics and pinning them to specific moments from the movies was also an added plus.

    Great stuff, glad I bought it!
  10. CATDOG - Escape From America
    by Viral Conspiracy Records
    Give Em The Fucking Kick Give Em The Fucking Kick
    The beats go hard on every track! Every song has a unique strength but they all share that same heavy sound!
  11. High Risk Homosexual Behavior - EP
    by Dog Park Dissidents
    Host Host
    Glad I became a fan just this year!

    The lyrics on every song are just too perfect, they flow in such a satisfying manor and even hit very close to home in places.

    Love this band, can’t wait for more content!
  12. Sexual and Violent - EP
    by Dog Park Dissidents
    Trans Starship Feminist BDSM Paradise Trans Starship Feminist BDSM Paradise
    Literally found out about this group when Pride month kicked off this year and bought their EP as it came to a close (It’s Wrath Month now MotherF*kers!).

    The upbeat yet hardcore sounds definitely keep me excited but the best quality are the lyrics. Wordy and insightful but also flowing perfectly makes them euphoric and satisfying... especially in the last track which I ended up loving way more than I was expecting!

    Looking forward to any new tunes and shows in the future, sending love from Missouri!
  13. I Hope You Die
    by Bassamp and Dano
  14. One Party System
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
  15. One Party System
    by Terminal Nation
    ICE Watch ICE Watch
    Just absolutely loved this! Both songs are heavy with the subject matter and in the overall sound. Church of the Gun is a song with intense build up but ICE Watch is just straight into the Anger & Speed!

    Excited to hear more when we get it!
  16. The Bootlegg
    by Negro Terror
    Invasion Invasion
    I found this band by complete accident and boy oh boy was that a great accident! In addition to just being a great Hardcore band this group has the added edge of Mel Brooks style mockery of Punk Rock’s Hitler, Ian “Skrewydriver” Stewart. I could go on for hours about how a Black Oi Band covering Invasion is such a power move but I feel I’d forget to talk about the other tunes which kick butt in just as many ways!

    All that’s left to say is I’m hyped for anything that comes out of this band, Sending Support from Missouri!
  17. White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
    Incel Warfare Incel Warfare
    I was always nervous to get into Metal because of the low key and even high key Fashy imagery and content a lot of acts use in their music... so when I heard these guys for the first time I was grinning ear to ear like the damn Cheshire Cat!

    I’m glad to support the group as best as I can. Hyped to hear more in the future!
  18. SCR-054 MDC/The Antidon'ts split 7"
    by Swamp Cabbage Records
  19. Red Tape
    by Redbait
    Dick Punch (live) Dick Punch (live)
    Saw this group live and their set was fucking loud, I loved it!

    I knew I had to pick up the tape after seeing that!
  20. Feed Them Bricks
    by Viral Conspiracy Records