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  1. War And Emotions / DW033
    by Etage Neun
  2. Placeholder for the Night
    by R. Missing
  3. The Bridge 12"
  4. Linea Aspera LP II
    by Linea Aspera
  5. L'ampleur de nos détachements
    by Police des moeurs
  6. Deux chansons perdues (2 digital-only files)
    by Police des moeurs
  7. Live à CISM
    by Police des moeurs
  8. La politique de la division
    by Police des moeurs
  9. In This Morbid Ecstasy A Release Is Needed / DW026
    by This Eternal Waiting
  10. What Meaning / DW022
    by Standing Ovation
  11. Opacity
    by Rosa Anschütz
  12. Premium Drifter LP
    by Soft Kill
  13. Por Fin (CRSG143)
    by Me Dais Poca
  14. Sick Thirst
    by Sara Stuttgart
  15. Chelsea Wolfe - Erde (Ash Code REMIX)
    by Ash Code, Chelsea Wolfe
  16. Transiberiano (Транссибирский)
    by SADKÓ
  17. Teenage Daydream Conspiracy
    by Vandal Moon
  18. Resolution
  19. Deathtripper B/W A Forest
  20. tanz allein
    by Plastikstrom