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  1. Avoid Living In A Decadent World That Suffers From A Complete Lack Of New Stories
    by Wings Of An Angel
  2. Un petit peu d'amour pour la haine (album)
    by Non Serviam
  3. Heteroticisms Volume 4
    by Aidan Baker X Lärmschutz
  4. Vigilant for the Dawn of Signs
    by Evolvermn
  5. Draconis Extinctor
    by The Crypt of Memories
  6. Temple of the Cat 3
    by templeofthecat
  7. Take Chances In Your Music Or Perish: The Aleatoric Solo Piano Masterpieces Vol.1
    by Wings Of An Angel
  8. Open Your Door To Evolved Magicians Of Enlightenment Instead Of Opening It To Couriers Of Illegal Substances
    by Wings Of An Angel
  9. Centiweek
    by Default Label Wroclaw
  10. We, The Oblivious
    by Sørgelig
  11. Rhizome
    by Plague Rider
  12. Split
    by Lovely Wife | Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska
  13. Wretch - Memento
    by Dwindling
  14. Mantis Shrimp
    by SHRIMP
  15. III
    by Witnesses
  16. Bunker
    by PAK40
  17. Centuries Of August
    by Petrine Cross
  18. Finding Balance Is A Party Without Entertainment
    by Wings Of An Angel
  19. Perhaps Our Wishes Can Be Kind Of A Turn On If We Can Just Take One Step Back In Time
    by Wings Of An Angel
  20. Amorphic Concepts Can Often Be Transcendent In A Non-Figurative Sense; Hence, Is Wings Of An Angel An Automated Music Generator Or A 100-Strong Collective?
    by Wings Of An Angel