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  1. Drought (drones)
    by Nahadoth
  2. Flying Fortress
    by Supernatural Darkness
  3. Fare Thee Well Battle Winds
    by Fen Walker
  4. The Shadow Clone
    by Shrouded Gate
  5. Home
    by Willow Tea
  6. Faerie Touched
    by Ylfig
  7. Forbidden Moons
  8. Lunar Nocturnes and Esoteric Incantations
    by Jenn Taiga
  9. Argentina
    by Yachts On Fire
  10. Breakcore Yassification
    by Starmoon
  11. daily cruelties
    by isata
  12. Key VI: Earthen Incantations
    by Woodland Spells
  13. Wild Yonder
    by Wild Yonder
  14. Hávamál
    by Sorrows Of The Moon
  15. Ikarie (feat. Cosmic Boxer)
    by Atrey
  16. Hjaldrgoð
    by Sorrows Of The Moon
  17. Nimueh's Gift
    by Elyvilon
  18. Drums in the Deepwood
    by Elyvilon
  19. Lethargic Lullabies
    by Decrepit Corridor
  20. The Night
    by Droid Bishop