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  1. the red horse
    by badass wolf shirt
  2. Infinite Monkey Theorem!
    by The Thirsty Giants
  3. Rock Music
    by Tilth
  4. Pixels
    by Magnetic Ghost
  5. Physical Silence
    by Cody Yantis
  6. I Don't Care I Already Told You
    by Oksun Ox
  7. The Melancholy Traveler
    by Russell Hoke
  8. pueblo glórtha
    by Monte Espina + Liz Tonne + Louise Fristensky
  9. Don't Grow Old!
    by The Thirsty Giants
  10. Daisy Chain Reaction 25th Anniversary Reissue (Vinyl and Bonus Tracks ONLY)
    by Poster Children
  11. The Collection
    by Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue
  12. The Reducers (The Red Album)
    by The Reducers
  13. Twin Cities Breakdown
    by New Rocket Union
  14. Fables in a Foreign Land
    by John Doe
  15. Are You Ready?
    by Fret Rattles
  16. Sonic Hellride
    by Bad Idea
  17. The Knitters - Poor Little Critter on the Road
    by X
  18. Revolution Girl Style Now
    by Bikini Kill
  19. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
    by Bikini Kill
  20. Reject All American
    by Bikini Kill