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  1. Malice of Antiquity
    by Astrophobos
  2. What Lies Beyond
    by Bastard Grave
  3. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    Book of the Fallen Book of the Fallen
    Black Metal about my favorite book series of all time what’s not to love.
  4. Left Hand Pass
    by Cannabis Corpse
  5. Vermin
    by Inert
  6. Organic • Carved in Flesh
    by Organic
    by ABORTED
    by ABORTED
  9. Abiogenesis
    by Burial Invocation
    Fucking amazing record from start to finish.
  10. DAEMONIC: The Art Of Dantalian
    by VELD
    One of my favorites of all time
  11. With Inexorable Suffering
    by Our Place of Worship Is Silence
  12. Detherous - Hacked to Death
    by Detherous
    Death/thrash goodness that I can’t get enough of. Definitely on my best of 2019 list.
  13. Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light
    by Ingurgitating_Oblivion
    Technical but not overly technical. There’s not a lot of death metal bands that have a 22 minute song. I firmly believe that if this album is not in your collection you have made a fatal error
  14. CIST - The Frozen Casket
    by CIST
  15. A Monument to the Dead
    by Coffin Rot
  16. Rotten Remains
    by Carnal Tomb
  17. Veiled - Black Celestial Orbs
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    Luminous Luminous
    Amazing black metal
  18. Mass Extinction
    by GUTLESS
  19. Pure Cosmic Dread
    by Inoculation
  20. Obscene Majesty
    by Devourment
  21. Chapters of Depravity
    by Pestilent Death
  22. Thus Spoke the Antichrist
    by Nihility