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  1. 4-Way Split w/ Blastbeat Manatee Club & Defenestration of Prague
    by +goth clubs+
    If You're Reading This Please Take Care Of Each Other If You're Reading This Please Take Care Of Each Other
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  2. teardrop party
    by High Sunn
    i care i care
    I am a really big fan of highsunn and this ep is amazing i order the tape for a friend whom im giving to for christmas i hope he enjoys it as much as ill enjoy it i can't wait for the cd.
  3. Slop EP
    by Forth Wanderers
    Slop Slop
  4. Cycles of Existential Rhyme
    by Chicano Batman
    Cyles Of Existential Rhyme Cyles Of Existential Rhyme
  5. Too Late And No
    by Segrasso
    One More Thing One More Thing
  6. Fear Everything
    by The Flaming Tsunamis
    Bird-Watching and Vice Versa Bird-Watching and Vice Versa
  7. Captain Crook Records Presents... Last Christmas Ever
    by V/A
    The Missing Leech - Oh My Deer! The Missing Leech - Oh My Deer!
  8. flower funeral
    by High Sunn
    what a joke what a joke
  9. yerba
    by sleepdealer
    rolling papers rolling papers
    This is a really amazing album and i'm super into the amount of bass and mixing put into these tracks.
  10. In Describing the Motion of Indescribable Bodies
    by The Flying So High-Os & The Berkeley Hunts
    Sam Berry (S.E.H.O.S.B.H.D.O) Sam Berry (S.E.H.O.S.B.H.D.O)
  11. The Frights
    by The Frights
    Submarines Submarines
  12. her eyes
    by High Sunn
    breath breath
  13. Far Away
    by johnny goth
    feels like we're dying feels like we're dying
  14. POW! Right In The Kisser!
    by Hail The Sun
    Ready Or Not, There I Go Ready Or Not, There I Go
  15. Between Teeth
    by Stutterer
    Lilith Lilith
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