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  1. Swarming Industrial Cancer
    by PLF
  2. Grieving Birth
    by Internal Rot
  3. (SOLD OUT) Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration
    by PLF
  4. Contempt for Man
    by Axis of Despair
  5. And The Machine Rolls On
    by Axis of Despair
  6. Mankind Crawls
    by Axis of Despair
  7. Time and Again
    by Axis of Despair
  8. Play Fast or Die
    by Electro Hippies
  9. Demonization
    by LOCK UP
  10. 38 Counts Of Battery (Remaster)
    by Pig Destroyer
  11. Grinding For A Cure Vol. I
    by Grinding for a cure Volume One
  12. Antigama / Total Fucking Destruction
    by Antigama
  13. The Kill / The Communion Split 7
    by Left Hand Patches
  14. Wormrot / I Abhor - Split 7
    by Left Hand Patches
  15. Noise (EP)
    by Wormrot
  16. Voices
    by Wormrot
  17. Strange Beautiful And Fast
  18. The Torture Demos
    by Abu Ghraib
  19. Enhanced Torture Techniques
    by Abu Ghraib
    Condemned Condemned
    Abu Ghraib are superb.

    The intensity on this EP is nothing short of brilliant. Played with absolute conviction, riffs that make this old-man want to jump in the pit and get fucked-up, and with a production on-point which compliments the style of Abu Ghraib’s approach to Grind makes this a high-rotation listen.

    My AOTY 2019: A must for everyone’s extreme metal collection. I can’t pick a favourite track, but I suggest: Condemned or Inhumanitarian.

    10/10 - I fucking love this band
  20. The Insolent
  21. Depressant
  22. Drop Your Pants & Grind
    by Super Fun Happy Slide
  23. (SOLD OUT) Mental Hygiene
    by Internal Rot
  24. Rising Terror
    by Captain Cleanoff
  25. Hack Session
    by Internal Rot
  26. Meth Leppard Discography 2015 - 2017
    by Meth Leppard
  27. (SOLD OUT) Collection 1998-2009
    by Lycanthrophy
  28. Kill Them...All
    by The Kill
  29. Speed Freak Killer
    by The Kill
  30. split 7 w ALEA IACTA EST
    by Controlled Existence
  31. 5 Songs About Nothing
    by Grindfeld
  32. Maggot Bath / Leech split
    by Maggot Bath / Leech
  33. Meth Leppard Discography 2017 - 2019
    by Meth Leppard
  34. Terrifyer
    by Pig Destroyer
  35. Book Burner (Deluxe Version)
    by Pig Destroyer
  36. Phantom Limb
    by Pig Destroyer
  37. And The Earth Grew Dark
    by Requiem
    by A Million Dead Birds Laughing
  39. Brain Dead
    by Atomic Death Squad
  40. Flub
    by Flub
  41. Clockwork
    by Inanimate Existence
  42. Annihilation of the Wicked
    by Nile
  43. In Their Darkened Shrines
    by Nile
  44. Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-ka
    by Nile
  45. Shift
    by Nasum