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  1. You Make Winter Warm
    by Andrew Huang feat. Dusty Lima
  2. Monochrome
    by Scandroid
  3. Offworld
    by Celldweller
  4. We Are The Future
    by Raizer
  5. End of an Empire (Deluxe Edition)
    by Celldweller
  6. Remember My Name (Lucatiel's Theme)
    by LINCOLN
  7. Notes
    by Approaching Nirvana
  8. Reboot
    by Approaching Nirvana
  9. Wild Apple
    by Sketchy Sounds
  10. ANimals
    by Approaching Nirvana
  11. Waiting For The Sun
    by Approaching Nirvana
  12. Redux
    by Approaching Nirvana
  13. Lordvessel
    by Tanuki
  14. After Ever After
    by Jon Cozart
  15. Drowning (Original Mix)
    by OMNI
  16. Harmony's Bond
    by Joaftheloaf & Megaphoric
  17. Starborn - Feat. Dreamchan & PrinceWhatever
    by UndreamedPanic
  18. Group 12
    by Approaching Nirvana
  19. Dear Luna (feat. MEMJ)
    by Sim Gretina
  20. Morrowind Theme Violin Cover
    by Drmattviolin
  21. Night of Fate (Kingdom Hearts)
    by Select Start
  22. Route 216 (Pokemon)
    by Select Start
  23. The Magic Lantern
    by KK and The Steampunk Orchestra
  24. Tube Of Medusa (BlackStatic Remix)
    by Ecco the Dolphin
    There was no lever more evil than this one and this track does it justice!
  25. Ecco The Dolphin 2
    by This Place Is Haunted
    This makes me feel like a child again when I first played this and completed it (although many years later) this track still sends shivers down my spine!
  26. Evolve
    by Approaching Nirvana
    Watching the Clock (feat. Laura Brehm) Watching the Clock (feat. Laura Brehm)
    There is so much about this album that I couldn't start to describe how amazing it is. It almost tells a story as the tracks fluidly link while still remaining unique and exciting as stand alone peices.
  27. To the Moon <OST>
    by Kan R. Gao, feat. Laura Shigihara
    Everything's Alright Everything's Alright
    A beautiful and stunning soundtrack that could surprise you when used outside of its game context.
  28. Apple 2012
    by Balloon Party
  29. Heavy Symphony
    by OMNI
    Nightmare Millennium Nightmare Millennium
    I couldn't pick a favourite here if I wanted to. The whole album is off the wall energy!
  30. Skywards
    by Omnipony
    Equestria in Grey Equestria in Grey
    Its amazing what inspires musicians today and this album really does sum up a fan's appreciation beautifully.