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  1. tortuga
    by Sadness
  2. Kill Them...All
    by The Kill
  3. Fight Ambition To Kill
    by Overcast
  4. Unlight: Songs of Earth and Atrophy
    by Miasmata
  5. Redemption Through Extinction
    by Galpedar
  6. EP Self Titled
    by MARE
  7. Twilight
    by Twilight
  8. Monument To Time End
    by Twilight
  9. SAIDAN - Jigoku: Spiraling Chasms Of The Blackest Hell
    by SAIDAN
  10. UN Or U Out
    by The UN
  11. Love & Ashes
    by Blood and Sun
  12. Počornily horŷ, počornily lisŷ (Full-length, 2022)
    by Obšar
  13. Malicious Blood and the Fullmoon
    by Ebon Reliquary
  14. Tired of Tomorrow (Standard Version)
    by Nothing
  15. Бремя (LP 2022)
    by ГНЁТ
  16. Strange Ones Voicing Sorrow in My Dreams
    by Nihil Invocation
  17. Thrall of Winter's Majesty
    by Ringarë
  19. Old Nick - A New Generation Of Vampiric Conspiracies
    by Old Nick
  20. Fugitive Wizard - Obscuri Æternum
    by Fugitive Wizard