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  1. Chase Lights
    by Nick Az
    Chase Lights Chase Lights
    Very sexy album.
  2. The Fields Where Nothing Grows
    by Atma Weapon
    Every Ship Every Ship
  3. Dark Tower
    by Atma Weapon
    Dark Tower I Dark Tower I
  4. The Artificials
    by The Artificials
    Blue Constant Blue Constant
  5. Cities
    by Denis Roth
    The Close The Close
  6. Greatest Hits (EP)
    by Owane
    "k" "k"
  7. THE RITUAL AURA - Tæther
    by Lacerated Enemy records
    I Am No Longer I? I Am No Longer I?
  8. Cosmic Dissonance
    by The Zenith Passage
    Kaleidoscopic Tendencies Kaleidoscopic Tendencies
  9. StarSystems II
    by StarSystems
    Space Pirates Space Pirates
    I usually hate intro's but this band keeps me interested with a little bit of nostalgia every time!
  10. The End Of Everything
    by Plini
    The End Of Everything The End Of Everything
  11. Extirpate- Unconventional Currency 2015 Single
    by Extirpate
    If you like Metal that has groove and extreme vocals then this is definitely for you! Not a chance to miss this EP when released.
  12. Depths
    by For Giants
    Impulse Impulse
  13. Purification
    by Dawning of the Inferno
    False Prophets False Prophets
  14. Ko Ki
    by Plini
    I think the better question is, what's there not to love about Plini and his work? Keep it up my brother!
  15. Advent
    by Flub
    Unrequited Unrequited
    First track I heard on this album that totally made me know that this was what I wanted and I still want more!
  16. Mind Over Matter
    by Tobias Schuler
    What an amazing tune!
  17. Somewhere Outside the Present Human Sphere
    by Fragments of the Orient
    Paradisiacal Expanse Paradisiacal Expanse
    Love the horns and unique mix of whole tone scales!
  18. Monument of Greed (Demo)
    by Extirpate
    Apocalyptic Bloodbath Apocalyptic Bloodbath
    Brutal vocals, raw drums, and skull crushing riffs to melt your brain, what else is needed?
  19. Other Things
    by Plini
    Heart Heart
    Such a perfect intro with dazzling chaos in the middle and a chiseling crispy finisher to end it all!
  20. Curiosities
    by Harvs
    Seeking Solitude (feat. Plini) Seeking Solitude (feat. Plini)
    I fucking love Plini and will buy anything he plays in and with!
  21. 2011 DEMO
    by Thy Devourer
    Tyranny Speaks Tyranny Speaks
    These guys are fucking brutal in every way, the tone the brain-crushing blasts and the amazingly technical yet intriguing riffs. Definitely a great listen when playing graphic games!
  22. Intortus EP
    by i built the sky
    Intortus Intortus
    A better question is. "What's not to like about this album?"
  23. I
    by Plini / Sithu Aye
    Orm Orm
    Amazing in every way possible! I can't even come up with a sentence to describe how Plini's music makes me feel. Thank you Plini! Please never stop!
  24. i built the sky
    by i built the sky
    Stratus Stratus
    You know, I had this song for my fishing playlist even before your friend wanted it for his video. That's how pinpointed I feel with this song.