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  2. Ambient
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  1. Cinereous Incarnate
    by Abstracter
  2. Fear of God
    by Abstracter
  3. Tomb of Feathers
    by Abstracter
  4. Wound Empire
    by Abstracter
  5. Subsidence mix01
    by Matter
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. Senketsu No Night Club - Senketsu No Night Club (DarkJazz Edition)
    by Signora Ward Records
  7. Ejiki
    by Senketsu No Night Club
  8. Night Mothers - EP
    by Moratorium
  9. Metanoia
  10. Monad
  11. Metempsychosis
  12. Composition II
    by Hallucination
  13. Detour Doom Project - Bones
    by Signora Ward Records
  14. Midnight Radio - NOIR JAZZ vol. 2
    by Signora Ward Records
  15. Detour Doom Project - Detour Doom
    by Signora Ward Records
  16. Detour Doom Project - Nothing Remains of Us
    by Signora Ward Records
  17. Midnight Radio - NOIR JAZZ
    by Signora Ward Records
  18. UnObscured Vol. 1 Comp. 1 2019
    by Obscura Undead
  19. Bushcrack Hills
    by Headshotboyz
  20. The Best Of 2019
  21. Palaces Of Darkness
  22. Diktat
    by Various
  23. Kurobikari
    by Gamba & Rezka
  24. Drone Islands - The Lost Maps
    by Various Artists
  25. Witchcraft & Black Magic In The United Kingdom
    by Various Artists
  26. Everyday b/w Hinge and Bracket
    by Diät
  27. Positive Energy
    by Diät
  28. Pick a Line b/w No Accent
    by Diät
  29. Positive Disintegration
    by Diät
  30. Never Back
    by Doyeq
  31. Mediawind
    by Maguett
  32. Jesus Prayer
    by St James Orthodox Church
  33. Колискова Для Ворога | Lullaby For The Enemy
    by Стасік
  34. Ovo/Orpo
    by Hilyard
  35. N.G.H.4.M. (Never Gonna Happen 4 Me)
    by Toby Driver
  36. Kill
    by John Bence
  37. Traversal
    by Submersion
  38. The Best Of 2018
  39. Dark Ambient of 2019
    by Cryo Chamber
  40. Drone Islands - Land Raising
    by Various Artists
  41. [ L A S T ]
    by closed mouth
  42. Zenosyne
    by a beautiful burning world
  43. Kainskult
    by Trepaneringsritualen
    "Ritual Death Industrial" has never sounded so good. From the gospel inclinations of "Death & Ecstasy" to the rage of "All Flesh Has Corrupted" to the declamations of "Serpent Seed", Kainskult is a classic that warrants repeated plays.
  44. Between The Horizon And The Abyss
    by Yen Pox
  45. The Secret Barbarous Names
    by Nordvargr