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  1. lofi
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  2. exuviae
    by Darius
  3. Cherry Dream Machine
    by FUJII
  4. Vapor.wav
    by Odaxelagnia
  5. Pillars / Other Heart Tracks
    by Yakui
  6. Idea(l(s))
    by Aurastys
  7. mind breaking the body
    by hyi
  8. evereffervescent
    by The Queenstons
    by Darius
    OSC Tuning OSC Tuning
    Wonderfully mastered blend of old school synth, jazz, and funk. Absolutely mesmerizing and captivating from start to finish.
  10. Works for Tape and Piano
    Isn't it Always Isn't it Always
    This album has a noisy texture that beautifully intertwines abstract sound with deep emotion and feeling
  11. Higeki
    by ll nøthing ll
    by ESPRIT 空想
  13. これは魂のために
    by Windows 98の
    Glitchy, noisy, and unique. Makes me feel like I'm lost in a glitched video-game city that was left abandoned
  14. audition.
    by kyonpalm
    transient lucidity transient lucidity
    I'm in love with the mellow yet spooky vibe of this album. Reminds me of the best parts of the Silent Hill soundtracks!
  15. Remember Me By
    by raglir
  16. Music For Journey Simulators
    by Alpha DreamDrift X
  17. Spiral
    by NOGAWA kazune
    Dark, powerful, and mesmerizing
  18. ルートバックホーム
    by Remember
  19. The Volca Posts
    Sunny Rain //////////// Sunny Rain ////////////
    A big collection of beautiful, glitchy, emotional, experimental sounds. Very unique!
  20. Initializing...
    by </body>
    Processing Request... Processing Request...
    I simply cannot get this album out of my head! So damn catchy!!