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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. WarMech
    by Front Line Assembly
  2. Verbal Brainwash & Other Works
    by Åke Hodell
  3. The Greatest Outrageous Famine (極餓非道)
    by Disanxian (地三鮮)
    10.橫岡街道BURN!!! (Cantonese) HENGGANG Streets Burn!!! 10.橫岡街道BURN!!! (Cantonese) HENGGANG Streets Burn!!!
    by V.A. - China punk & hardcore Compilation by Real Deal
    A.C.A.B. A.C.A.B.
  5. Sweetrolls
    by Breton Boys
  6. Star
    by Adoring Fan
  7. Zoomin (feat. Dervenin)
    by Sheogorath
  8. Dagothwave
    by Dagoth Ur
  9. Dragonborn
    by Lisette
  10. No Skullduggery
    by Tombstone da Deadman
  11. Tales from the Thousand Lakes / Black Winter Day
    by Amorphis
    Drowned Maid Drowned Maid
  12. The 6th Extinction
    by Tombstone da Deadman
  13. Eaten From The Inside (EHC018)
    by The Infested
  14. Raw Ensemble (EHC022)
    by The Infested
  15. Ragnarok
    by Tombstone Da Deadman, Greydon Square
  16. Exclusive Subscriber Mini-Cast
    by Tombstone da Deadman
    subscriber exclusive
  17. Cosmic
    by Tombstone da Deadman
  18. Toxic Thoughts Ep
    by Tombstone da Deadman
    subscriber exclusive
  19. Rise of The Reapers
    by Tombstone da Deadman
  20. Majestic Musings
    by Tombstone Da Deadman Greydon Square
    subscriber exclusive